Monday's Pick-me-up

It's the last Monday in September~

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't mind rubbing his chest, sandalwood, vanilla and chocolate or no. ; )

A little business

Recently I received an angry email because I deleted a comment on this blog. The writer claimed it was censorship. It is.

It’s pretty obvious that I write erotic romance stories. I don’t use euphemisms and I’m fairly direct when dealing with sexual issues. However, erotic isn’t synonymous with vulgar—at least not in my vocabulary.

In regards to my writing, first--it’s fiction. The characters never indulge in gratuitous sex, there is always a connection and if it’s not true love, there’s a good chance it could grow into it.

I know the line may be thin, but it’s there, I see it clearly.

This blog isn’t just about my writing, it’s about me, or at least one facet of my personality. If you know me at all, you’ll know I don’t cuss often and when I do, it’s rarely with the f bomb. I save that for special occasions when it really makes an impact. I am not saying I’m a prude, or that hearing others cuss offends me, it doesn't.

Any writer knows it's not just the words, it's the way you use them.

If you’ve had occasion to talk to me offline, you’ll know there are many things you could call me, crude isn’t one of them. And as this is my blog, I decide what is and isn’t appropriate.

So if there is a comment that offends me either by insulting someone else, a group of people, or using language that I believe is unnecessary and rude, I’ll delete it. If I know you, I might email and ask you to edit the comment, but I’m sorry, this is my blog, my prerogative. I will defend your right to free speech on your blog or in your house, but here, my rules apply.

I am sorry if that offends anyone and I sincerely hope you don’t feel self-conscious in future postings. I just wanted to get my stand out in the open

I promise

a real blog post soon but until then, I want to share this awesome post with you from Maeve Greyson's blog.

Monday's Pick-me-up

I just love the scruff....and those dimples!

Monday's Pick-me-up

Because it's almost my birthday, an extra pick-me-up. ; )

Don't they look thoughtful?

Just a quick note

to tell you all that I am now on a Caribbean Island for my birthday. (which isn't until next week.) As I write this, I'm not sure if I'm under the shelter of a patio listening to the rain or lying on a beach in the sun. Either way I have a fruity drink and a good book. ; ) And best of all? A few days where my biggest decision is chicken or fish, and my only responsibility is getting dressed.

And yes, I'm absorbing every detail I can for a future book. Mmmm.... does that mean the trip is tax deductible?

Published: What does it mean?

The other day I was in the store debating which Febreeze to buy when someone called my name. I looked up and there was this older woman who looked kinda familiar. She introduced herself as the mother of a friend of a friend. We chatted for a bit and she congratulated me on publishing my book. I said thank you, feeling both pleased and curious if she knew the genre in which I’m published.

She said she has a friend who wrote a book that will be published later this year. I asked who she was published with and she said, “Oh, she’s publishing it herself.”

I said, “oh.”

She went on to say how her friend says it’s so hard to publish a book.

You know what? I was angry. And damn it, I felt cheated. Quite frankly, the emotion surprised me so I took some time to think about it.

If she’d said it was hard to write a book, I’d have simply agreed. It is hard to write a book. But that’s not what she said. She said it’s so hard to publish... a self-published book.

I realize this is a touchy subject for some and this blog isn’t meant to draw any lines in the sand. Believe me, I’m happy being Switzerland. But with that little phrase, she diminished the months of querying, synopsis writing, looking for an editor, submitting, waiting, the rewrites to make the book good enough for that editor and publication. And the satisfaction of knowing I’d done it, I’d gone through the gauntlet and was now a published author.

The years of looking for an agent, the partials, fulls, hope and ultimately, so far, rejection all diminished with that one phrase.

The querying part of publishing can take over a year. Over a year out of my life spent attempted to be published when I could have just sent it to any of the self-publishing tools and voila! Published.

You see the difference? Anyone can send a finished manuscript to a self-publishing company. I don’t want to be anyone.

Yes, I know that any good writer will send his or her book through beta readers galore, and there are edits, and edits, and frustration and joys in that process, but that’s only the first step of publishing, or it used to be.

I also realize I’m an e-book author and some of those published by NY, in print, might think the same thing about me, but you see, although the road to publication is shorter in e-publishing, it’s not automatic. I just skipped the agent step. In e-publishing, I have never run across an editor that accepted less than the best. But then again, I don’t query the e-publishers that would.

I am not saying I’m better than someone who chooses to self-published. I’ve read some damn good self-published books, but I’ve also read awful books.

The publishing industry is changing, we all know that. And if you want to skip straight to published and bypass the agent/editors, you’d be among thousands that take that road. Some would say skipping the agent/editor step is a good thing. Industry professionals make mistakes. And they do, they're human. They are also the filter on the publishing industry. They are the gauntlet that I choose to run, because I believe it's necessary.

I was sure my first book was publish-ready. If not a NY Times best seller than damn close. I read it now and blush.

The second book was a winner. I look back on the agent comments, which stung at the time, and I have to agree.

I want the gauntlet because even though I may emerge bloody and bruised on the other side, I'll also be a much better writer.

Monday's Pick-me-up

Sweet dreams and happy first Monday in September!

Five Fun Facts

Happy September 1st!

Today, in honor of September, I thought I'd give you five facts about the kids starting school

1. If it’s the kids’ first day of school, why am I the one with the homework? Okay, that’s more of a question than a fact. The fact is there are so many forms to fill out and sign. The school wants you to fill out two emergency cards for each child (so they don’t have to make copies?) Each child needs a permission slip for the school to use his or her image, use of computer, lunches… I won’t go on. I have 4 children in school. Let’s just say it took me over an hour.

2. I was just as emotional dropping the 7th grader off as the kindergartner. 7th grade! Walking home, I kept picturing him as a happy, chubby baby. *sigh*. Not sure if preschool helped soften the Kindergarten thing, or if it’s just that she’s not a clingy child, but I managed to leave with just a feeling of melancholy.

3. I live an 8 minute walk from the elementary school. I walk the kids to school. Walk there to pick up the Kindergartner and walk back again to pick up the 5th grader. That’s over 45 minutes of walking. Why do I need the treadmill again?

4. Highschoolers are much easier to send off to school than the little ones.
“Do you need money for lunch?”
“Okay, have a good day at school, love you.” And that’s it, she’s gone.

5. After summer’s chaos, the house is very quiet when all the children are gone… until after school, when they bring all their friends over here. Pay off?