Release Day Eve

Well, tomorrow my first book comes out. Before it even hits the cyber shelves, there are some people I want to thank.

You know, no writer works alone, and I’ve been lucky to have some pretty wonderful people help me get FIRST DATE into publishable form.

In more or less chronological order:

Thank you:

Jennifer. I loved your blog; I loved your stories and not only did you inspire me to try my hand at it, you took the time to read what I had written. I’m not sure you realize how much your encouragement meant to me but this book, and this moment in my life, would not exist without you.

Carlos. I know it’s not exactly what you imagined me writing, but thanks for being there and editing each draft as I found my way in this new world of erotic romance.

Jessica. It’s not every daughter that can read her mother’s erotic work. Thanks for being my first fan and my friend.

Crystal. Your enthusiasm is catchy and makes me feel like a writer. You have gone a long way to making this easier and way more fun for me.

Jason. Sometimes “wood” is the best comment a girl could ask for. Thank you for the male perspective. Muchly appreciated.

Wookiesgirl. You make me smile! Your appreciation for my work gives me confidence.

Jinx. The fact that you keep reminding me that you haven’t read FIRST DATE, and want to, has erased a misgiving or two. So have you read it yet? ; )

Werecat. Girl, you rock. Your edits are spot on and your joie de vivre is something I completely admire.

Lori. I’m just going to get out there on the limb and say you kick ass. I know the saying goes, ‘you had me at hello’ but I'm glad I hooked you right before ‘the end’ ; ) I am so grateful that you found something in my work worth pursuing. I couldn’t have chosen a better editor to guide me through my first time.

Last but not least: You! Yes, you! The one reading this blog. Thank you so much for being there. You are the why of all of this. I sincerely hope you enjoy FIRST DATE, and if you do, that you'll let me know.




J.A. Saare said...

Congrats on your new release, Lynne!!! Wishing you tons of sales!

Lynne Roberts said...

Thank you, J.A. : )

J.A. Saare said...

Hey Again LOL,

I've seen you over at Cari's blog, which means you're my kind of people (and writer, I'd imagine!)

I know this must be exciting! I'm still waiting for Crimson Moon (contracted with TWRP) to get through those final galleys!


Catherine Bybee said...

I'd like to thank the Academy... LOL... Yeah, almost here. And Lori does kick ass. She had me at Hello, too. Enjoy tomorow, Lynne.

Lynne Roberts said...


Thank you! I've seen you over at Cari's too. She is the sweetest person and a gifted writer. ; )

Final galleys... I'm still traumatized... and oddly enough, looking forward to doing it again. LOL

Yay for Crimson Moon (Nice title by the way) I look forward to seeing it.

Lynne Roberts said...

Hi Catherine!

Yeah, I know. I thought of that too. And then decided that it's okay to be cheesy at momentous turning points in your life. LOL.

Thank you so much!

I am so thrilled with your continued success with Kilt Worthy! It's an awesome story!

H.C. Zuerner said...

I'm just honored to have you as a reciprocal CP. First Date is awesome and I'm so happy for you. Now get out there and sell it. =D

Helen Hardt said...

I'll be out of town at EC's RomantiCon, but I'll be thinking about you tomorrow!

Lynne Roberts said...

HC, I'm trying, I'm trying. : )

Helen, I hope you have a blast at RomantiCon! Thank you!

And your Black Rose, Blood Wolf, comes out tomorrow! Good luck!

Crystal Posey said...

I heart you!

Anonymous said... eyes are tearing up! Thanks for the kind comments, Lynne, and Cathy too. It's authors like you who rock my world! You're a pleasure to work with. Creative, talented, smart, fun, naughty, witty - and now SUCCESSFUL!!

I don't think I'm jinxing you if I say you'll be successful tomorrow and in the upcoming days, weeks, months -- forever, as long as you keep writing.

Have fun tomorrow. Love that cherry-popping contest!!! So apropos. (naughty grin)


Lynne Roberts said...

I heart you too, Crystal.

Thank you, Lori. For everything. : )

Cari Quinn said...

Enjoy every minute of this day, Lynne! I can't wait to buy my copy of First Date (literally can't wait...I keep checking to see if it's up on the site yet, LOL)

And huge thanks to you and're both sweethearts and great writers yourselves. :)

Lynne Roberts said...

Thank you, Cari. That means a lot. : )

It's up now! ( I just checked ) *big grin*