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Welcome to Day Four of Sloan McBride's Blog Tour!!!

Today I'm giving up my blog to Sloan McBride. Sloan is a multi-published romance author who writes paranormal books. including time travel romance! You've got to see her covers!

Without further ado, here's Sloan:

First, I want to thank Lynne for letting me stop by her blog. Thanks, Lynne.

Can you believe Halloween is this weekend? Saturday is going to be a busy day for me.

My daughter and her friends have a full agenda, including haunted hayride and visiting

haunted houses. But hey, this is my favorite time of year.

Q: Why do you write romance?

A: I've been a romantic all my life. It started with fairy tales and moved up from there.
I love the idea of man and woman meeting and developing a wonderful, sometimes
magical relationship.

So tell me why you love reading romance.

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And to wet your appetite, here's a blurb from THE FURY

From the Heavens comes a hero who will take your breath away.

Reese Whittaker dreams of falling for a man who shares her love of archeology and ancient civilizations. But being attacked by a horde of demons and rescued by a Sumerian God—a well-armed, gorgeous Sumerian God—opens up a whole new world she never knew existed. And awakens a mysterious power within her that attracts all kinds of supernatural attention.
Dagan, son of the Air-God Enlil and a Time Walker, is sworn to protect the human race in general, and one young woman in particular—Reese. He’s not the only one mysteriously attracted to her powerful life force. Underworld leader Kur craves it for the untold power it will give him to strike a blow at the deities of Dilmun.

Dagan is forbidden by law from interacting with Reese, but from the moment he sees her, the fury—an intense sexual need for bonding—blinds him to all the rules. Should the pantheon discover he has fallen for a human, the punishment could mean suffering beyond imagining for him…and death for her.

Book Review: Personal Research by Cari Quin

You know how there are those authors who’s new releases you mark on your calendar because you know you’ll love it? For me, Cari Quinn is one of those authors.

She didn’t disappoint me with PERSONAL RESEARCH.

This book hit all the right notes for me. Cari Quinn delivers consistent, good writing, the characters are interesting the plot is solid, but PERSONAL RESEARCH is more than the sum of its parts; it’s one of those rare books that had me so rooting for the characters that I’d read it all over again just for that, aww, moment. PERSONAL RESEARCH is the perfect blend of sexy, sweet and witty.

Elena Thomas works in an office by day and is an erotic romance writer by night—or whenever she finds a few minutes. However, due to circumstances beyond her control, she’s only writing about sex; first hand experience is a memory. It’s no wonder the sexy new IT guy catches her eye.

Nunzio McGinty notices Elena right away and when he reads the story she accidently printed, he’s even more intrigued by the quiet secretary with an obvious steamy side.

When the two work late at night, sparks fly and Elena has a new source of inspiration. But does Nunzio want her because he thinks she’s easy or is there something more simmering between them

 Briefs are Elena Thomas’s life, whether they’re legal at her day job or on the men in the erotic novels she writes. She’s just fine with saving her imagination for her books until temptation appears in the form of Nunzio, the smokin’-hot office IT guy. When he discovers one of her scorching books shooting out of the printer, Elena’s not sure if he wants her because she’s inventive or because he thinks she’s desperate. That doesn’t stop her from taking advantage of his “services”.

On her desk. On the copier. And, oh yeah—in her boss’s chair.

Nunzio’s shocked to learn Elena’s wall-hugging persona hides a wildcat of a woman with delicious fantasies and an enticing wit. She’s exactly what he’s been looking for in an adventurous lover—and girlfriend. He knows she enjoys their sexual research. Now he just has to convince her that sizzling sex is only the first chapter of their blazing-hot romance.

Elena swallowed hard, her fingers poised over the keys. Already her panties were damp. She’d gotten too involved with these particular characters. Sometimes the line between fiction and real life blurred. Now that Victoria and Franz were about to let their feelings explode, she felt as if she were on the verge of an explosion too. Something about the heat of their need for each other. The rawness of their emotions.

The untamed lust.

Her furtive gaze flew back to the empty doorway. All clear. Time to sex.

She typed fast, letting the words pour out of her through her fingertips. This was the part of writing she enjoyed most. Building up to the actual sex gave her a nice buzz of anticipation, but the real fun came when the characters did. The rest was just foreplay and afterglow.

Halfway through the scene, right about when Franz had backed Victoria up into a dingy coat closet with little more than his thrusting hips, Elena started to squirm. Only this time, it wasn’t just because the drip between her legs had become a miniature tidal wave. She’d made the mistake of looking up while she thought through what was happening to her characters, her gaze naturally drifting to the wall across the department from her office. Right where the printer was. Since the office only had one, it broke down way too often.

Which meant it needed service—and service meant him.

Her eyelid twitched and she gripped her temple, willing the damn thing to stop. The newest IT guy shouldn’t inspire twitching or anything else. But even from across the room, his dark gaze burned into hers. And burning—unless it was on the page—was not what she needed at the moment. She was in the middle of a scene and she wanted to finish it now, or else she’d have to wait until she got home tonight. Work was piling up in her inbox and even a lax employee like herself had conscience enough to feel guilty that she wasn’t working. Again. But if she didn’t turn in another story to her editor at the small press she wrote for before the end of the month, she wouldn’t receive royalties for another two quarters. That couldn’t happen. Her washing machine had broken just this morning, and with the panties she churned through writing erotic romance, she needed a working washer.

She also needed a new vibrator, because hers ate up batteries faster than she could buy them.

How a woman suffered for her art.

The IT guy glanced her way again—whose idea had it been to station the printer directly across the department from her doorway anyway?—and her hand slipped across the keyboard as she forced herself to meet his gaze. She couldn’t exactly call herself confident and outgoing, but she also wasn’t a complete wall-hugger. Even so, he had killer eyes and she didn’t feel equipped to return any sexual volleys he lobbed her way in her current weakened state.

A prickle of heat zinged up the back of her neck and she shivered before breaking eye contact. His eyes weren’t his only amazing feature. Rock-cut cheekbones, a firm jaw and distractingly full lips made for long, slow kisses also snagged her attention. And his hands… God, they looked so big and capable, with wide thumbs that made her throat tighten.

Thumbs like that would know how to caress a woman’s nipples. Or maybe she’d suck one of them while she straddled his lap and rubbed against his cock.

A pop-up window whizzed by on her screen, interrupting her reverie. What the hell?

Then she heard the telltale sound of the printer.

Her head jerked toward the noise so fast her neck cracked. Well, look at that. The printer was working. Score one for Tall, Dark and Sinful. Pages were spitting out so fast the tray overflowed and half of them ended up on the floor. But never fear, the object of her fantasies was bending over to collect them.

What a nice guy. And now he was reading—

That finally snapped her out of her stupor. “Wait, wait!” Elena shoved out of her chair and skidded around her desk, praying she didn’t snap a heel during her flight. Her vision hazed as she rushed toward the man in question but she still saw his lips tilt upward as he shifted through the sheaf of papers.

Dear God, he was reading her writing—her extremely provocative writing.

And he was smiling.

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Lilly's Story

First I apologize for the delay. I had the blog set to post at 6 pm instead of am.

Without further delay. You all remember Lilly Gayle, she was the first to go Under the Covers with me last Friday. Today, she's here to share about her battle, and victory, over breast cancer.

I’ve been a registered radiologic technologist with a bachelor’s degree- BSRT(R) since 1982 and a registered mammographer- BSRT(R)(M) since 2005. As such, I’m an advocate of the FDA and American Cancer Society recommendations for women concerning their breast health:

But in June 2007, when I went to the doctor to get a refill on my migraine medications, I realized it had been 18 months since my last mammogram. No problem. I was only 47 and I didn’t have a lump, pain, or any risk factors.

What are risk factors for breast cancer?
Being female
A first degree relative diagnosed with breast cancer: (mother, sister, daughter, maternal grandmother, maternal aunts)
Early menarche--younger than 12
Older age at menopause--over 55
Years of artificial hormones after a hysterectomy
Nulliparity (Never having children)
Not breast feeding
Late first time pregnancy

So, on June 14, 2007, after I finished with my last patient, I got one of the other mammographers to take my mammogram. We didn’t have digital mammography then and had to wait for the films to fall from the processor. And the moment I saw that spiculated lesion lying next to my chest wall in my right breast, my heart sank. I’d seen enough cancers in my career to know. But it was the Friday before Father’s Day weekend and the radiologist had already left for the day. So, I had to wait until the following Monday for the doctor to read my films.

I didn’t mention my fears to my family. We even hosted a Father’s Day cookout by the pool. And on Monday morning, the radiologist looked at my films and confirmed my suspicions. It didn’t look good. He ordered a diagnostic mammogram, which consists of additional imaging and sometimes an ultrasound.

I told my husband and daughters I needed additional films but played it down for their sakes. My youngest daughter had just graduated from high school and my oldest daughter was married and living in Germany. I didn’t want anyone to worry.

On June 21, 2007 I had the diagnostic mammogram. The radiologist recommended a biopsy and broke the news that he thought it was probably cancer. By this point, I was expecting the news. So, I didn’t break down. There was still a chance the biopsy would come back negative. At least, that’s what I told my family. But in my heart of hearts, I knew. My youngest daughter got upset. Then my husband got upset. So, we made a pact then and there that only one of us could get upset at a time, no matter the results. If one person lost it or started to cry, it was up to the other two to talk them down.

We kept that pact, even after my diagnosis was confirmed.

On June 28, 2007, I had a biopsy. And on July 3, 2007, I got the news. I had breast cancer. Both DCIS-ductal carcinoma insitu and an invasive carcinoma. I broke down briefly at work and again when I told my mom and husband. But then we went to the beach for the July 4th weekend and had fun. But when I came home, my life changed.

On July 13th, I had a lumpectomy. The doctor removed a larger portion of my breast and implanted a port-a-cath into my chest wall. The port-a-cath would be needed when I started chemotherapy. I also had a lymph node biopsy. The sentinel node and three other nodes were removed from under my right arm. None showed any sign of cancer, thank God. I was still in Stage 1.

I had my first round of chemo on August 1 and started loosing my hair on August 13. I took chemo for eight weeks and was completely bald by Halloween. After chemo, I had to have an MRI to see if the chemo worked or if I would need to have a mastectomy. The MRI was negative. I started daily radiation treatments October 12 and finished before Christmas. In December 2007, I was declared cancer free.

But I continued seeing both my radiation oncologist and my medical oncologist until late 2008. I also had mammograms every six months instead of yearly until this year. I finally graduated to yearly screenings.

I still have to visit my medical oncologist every 3-4 months but I no longer see a radiation oncologist. I also had my port removed in December 2007 because if the cancer does come back I can’t have chemo again. I’ll have to have a mastectomy and radiation. I’m hoping that never happens.

I’m also hoping all women over 40 will do monthly breast self exams (BSE) and have yearly mammograms regardless of family history.

For now, life is good. I’ve been to Germany to visit my oldest daughter and my youngest daughter completed the radiography program and is now attending radiation therapy school. And in May of this year, my first book, Out of the Darkness, was published by The Wild Rose Press. No, it’s not a story about my battle with breast cancer. It’s a paranormal, vampire romance.

Out of the Darkness

Her research could cure his dark hunger if a covert government agent doesn't get to her first.

Vincent Maxwell is a vampire with a conscience seeking a cure to his dark hunger. But when a scientist looking to create vampire soldiers captures and kills a fellow vampire, Vincent seeks out Dr. Megan Harper, another research scientist who discovered a link between a genetic light sensitivity disorder and vampirism. Dr. Harper could hold a key to a cure and the answers to Gerard’s death. But getting close to the beautiful scientist could endanger both their lives.

When researcher Dr. Megan Harper meets Vincent Maxwell, she believes he suffers from xeroderma pigmentosum, the genetic disease that killed her sister. Sensing a deep loneliness within the handsome man, Megan offers friendship and access to her research files hoping Vincent will offer her a position in his company. But they soon become more than friends and Megan learns the horrifying truth. She's entered the dark and unseen world of vampires and Vincent is her only hope of survival.

Have you felt your tatas today?

Erotic writers have many occasions to handle breasts. We stroke them, mold them. We talk about them, think about them, write about them. We like them lucious, young, perky, a perfect handful, abundant, soft, luscious... lets face it, breasts are pato of the landscape of our business. We need breasts, we love breasts.  And I think we wall agree, the best kind of breasts are healthy breasts.

This is from Lilly Gayle, a registered  radiologic technologist,  erotic romance writer, and breast cancer survivor:

Women 20-39 should have a physical examination of the breast (CBE or clinical breast exam) at least every three years, performed by health care professional such as a physician, physician assistant, nurse or nurse practitioner. CBE may often be received in the same appointment as a Pap smear. Women 20-39 should also perform monthly BSE.(Breast Self Exam)

Women age 35 should have their baseline mammogram.

Women 40 and older should have a physical examination of the breast (CBE or clinical breast exam) every year, performed by a health care professional, such as a physician, physician assistant, nurse or nurse practitioner. CBE can often be performed in the same visit as a mammogram. Monthly BSE should also be performed.

Women 40 years of age should receive a screening mammogram every year. The National Cancer Institute recommends mammography every one to two years for women between 40-50 years of age. Beginning at age 50, screening mammography should be performed every year.

Guest Post: Wookies Girl

If you use Twitter on Wednesdays, you may notice more avatars of cleavage than normal. Don't worry, it's just boobiewed.

Boobie Wednesday works to remind women and men about breast cancer awareness on a weekly basis. I can not tell you how much I admire these women for taking the time to educate and keep the fight against breast cancer on the forefront of every one's mind. Once a year is not enough.

Without further ado, my friend and a driving force of boobiewed, Wookiesgirl.

I’ve been asked to write about a very important subject for you. Breasts.

Not just my breasts, although I could talk about those all day. I want to talk to you about all breasts.

Did you know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month? It’s the time of year you will start to see all sorts of consumer merchandise suddenly sporting the pretty pink ribbon that represents Breast Cancer. You’ll also see nationwide races and walks to raise money to help find a cure. One of the most popular is the Susan G Komen 3-day.

Another fund raising site helps raise money to fund mammograms: www.thebreastcancersite.com

There are many sites and organizations out there doing their part to raise awareness and fight Breast Cancer for men and women.

Twitter has also become an avenue for people and organizations to bring about awareness. For over a year now I’ve been participating in the weekly Twitter event known as #boobiewed or #boobiewednesday. When you add either of these two (what Twitter calls) hashtags to your tweets, it becomes a searchable link.

Every Wednesday women and men put up various avatars sporting either bare chests or cleavage. Some are actual pictures of the Twitter user, some are pictures of models they’ve found attractive, but either way it catches the eye, which , in turn, captures the attention. The question is asked: What is #boobiewed? And then, the awareness begins. I am very proud of my breasts and I am happy to display my cleavage if it helps bring awareness.

If you look up the @boobiewed Twitter page, you will see that the bio mentions a bunch of crazy Twitter chicks having fun and making a difference. They also post to Facebook and Myspace. These women have hearts of gold, and I have become personally acquainted with one of the founders, @shimmer418. She is strong, smart, and talented. Her goal is to make a difference by bringing about awareness.

They have a website as well: www.boobiewednesday.com. The site is in place to educate and encourage men and women to do regular self breast exams. They also invite cancer survivors, family members and supporters to send in stories to be posted on the site. It’s another wonderful way to help educate people.

I’ve recently started helping out the ladies of @boobiewed. This month I wrote a blurb in regards to October being Breast Cancer Awareness month and gladly sent them pictures of my cleavage to display along with the post. We ran a contest to pick two new hashtags for the month of October. #Tatatober and #Knockertober were the winners.

I’ve also started taking the night-shift on their Twitter account and re-tweeting posts and information to the Twitter population. I am honored to be of service to @shimmer418 and the rest of the team. Thank you, @boobiewed team, for allowing me to be a part of your wonderful cause.

Although I’ve not personally had Breast Cancer, I do know a handful of women who have. Last month, a close friend was diagnosed with stage 4 Breast Cancer and underwent a double mastectomy. She also opted for reconstruction. She is a strong and beautiful woman, and she has an incredible attitude. I’m hoping to encourage her to write her story so it can be posted on the site. Another close friend found a lump and was diagnosed with Breast Cancer a few years ago. She had the lump removed and is currently cancer free. I’ve spoken with her recently about writing her story for the site.

Breast Cancer is not biased. Until there is a cure, no one is immune. If putting up a picture of my cleavage helps bring awareness, I am happy to do it. If it encourages you to support in your own way, even better. Not everyone approves, and that’s okay. It takes a lot of courage to put a picture of your cleavage or bare chest up, for hundreds, possibly thousands, of people to see. Some are fake breasts, some are real breasts and some are reconstructed breasts after a mastectomy. I commend the men and women who do this weekly.

Like I stated above, I’m proud of my breasts. It’s my way of giving back and showing my support to the wonderful women in my life that have fought and are currently fighting this disease.

Remember lovelies, regular self exams are the key to early detection!

A big thank you to Lynne Roberts for asking me to write this guest post for her blog. It’s an honor and a privilege that I don’t take lightly.

Love to you all,


My motivation

When I was a teenager, my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She opted for a partial mastectomy because she didn't want to go through chemotherapy. I was lost in my teenage self-focus so there was never that fear of losing her. She was my grandma, a permanent fixture in my life.

She quit smoking. I remember wondering why she quit smoking when she had breast cancer, not lung cancer. Now I know. For her, cancer was real. It was no longer something that happened to someone else.

Last year, a friend of mine from high school was diagnosed with breast cancer. This struck even closer to home. Someone my age with breast cancer.


She discovered the lump during a self-examination. The lump was on the side of her breast, almost in her arm pit. She went through chemo and had a lumpectomy. She lost her hair, too much weight, but never her spirit.

Breast cancer is very real, it doesn't discriminate. I know some women don't check their breasts because they're afraid of what they'll find. I will admit that I fell in that category not too long ago. It is scary. And what you know won't hurt you, right? Wrong. The only thing scarier than finding breast cancer, is not finding it. Found early, breast cancer is very treatable.

So, this month, I'll be touching my breasts... will you?

The most important thing to do with your breasts.

Bared, captured, freed, fondled, cupped, exposed, kneaded, stroked, kissed, molded and licked … these are all things to do with a breast, or breasts, but do you know which verb is most important? Checked.

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, this week I’m focusing on early detection. I have some awesome guest bloggers lined up to share their stories and, I hope, some informative blogs.

And no, I didn't forget it was Monday.

Happy Monday and, oh, have you felt your breasts today? Wouldn't you like to feel his?

Lilly Gayle is Under the Covers with Lynne

Today I'd like to introduce a new feature of this blog where I snuggle up with other authors, ply them with wine and chocolate and get them to reveal all their deepest, darkest secrets.... okay maybe not all. Mystery is important in this business!

Our first, and very brave author, is Lilly Gayle, author of OUT OF THE DARKNESS. Please show her some love and say hi!

Welcome to Under the Covers with Lynne, Lilly. I’ll scoot over *pats mattress* I promise not to bite, well, unless you ask nicely.

First important question. Silk, satin, cotton, flannel. What is your sheet of choice?

Cotton. Preferably Egyptian Cotton…but who can afford that. Right?

They're certainly worth it! It’s three o’clock in the morning. What are you wearing?

If it’s cold, flannel pajama bottoms and a cami. If it’s hot, one of my husband’s t-shirts. If it’s a Saturday night and we have the house or camper at the beach to ourselves, I’m usually snuggled up to hubby wrapped in a sheet.

A sheet? Now that sounds hot! Okay, it’s a slumber party! Calories don’t count. What snacks will we be munching on at midnight?

Well, there must be wine or some really girly cocktail like a Cosmopolitan. There’ll be chips and hot white cheese and salsa and maybe cheesecake.

I’ve been craving cheesecake! A girl after my own heart… only I’d have to bring some chocolate. ; )

Okay, comfy? Let's get to some serious questions. How would you describe your writing style?

I plot by the seat of my pants. Seriously, I wish I were more of a plotter but my characters tend to run amok and do things that aren’t in my outline. And when I try to just sit and write by the seat of my pants, I end up writing myself into a corner and the editing process takes forever. So, I bought a writing program called “Write it Now.” When an idea first hits me, I plot out GMC, names and details of all the major players and the most important plot points. I try to put together a brief outline of the story from start to finish. But it’s the middle of the story that usually gives me trouble. Because somewhere between the beginning and the end, other ideas come to me or my characters start doing their own thing. I used to try rewriting to keep my characters in line. Now, I turn them loose to see where they’ll take me.

Turning your characters loose can create some interesting situations! I’m a pantser by nature too. Plotting things out before writing is difficult! What is the best piece of advice on writing you’ve ever received?

Actually, I think it’s a line from a movie. And I think Whoopie Goldberg said it about singing instead of writing. But it applied to me. “You know you’re a writer when writing is the first thing you think about in the morning and the last thing you think about before you go to bed.” It wasn’t until I got to that point in my career, a point where I actually sat at my computer and wrote something everyday and thought about my writing everyday that I actually saw progress. I just don’t think you’ll ever get anywhere if you just write sometimes and occasionally submit “stuff.” That’s what I was doing before I decided that yes, I was a writer and I wanted to get published.

The other piece of advice. Never stop writing. Persistent pays off.

Very, very true. What kind of goals to you set for yourself when writing? Word count? Page count?

I have one goal. Write everyday. It doesn’t matter if it’s editing for a submission or working on something new. I write a half hour every morning before I go to work and for about 2 hours before supper. I’m off on Fridays and on those days, I write for as long as the creative juices flow. On weekends, I write at night after everyone else has gone to bed.

Do you listen to music while you write?

I tried it once or twice but found myself singing along and losing my concentration. Then I tried classical music. No words. Right? But my head kept trying to make some up to go with the music. Now, I like to listen to the hum of the ceiling fan.

I can listen to music before I’m writing for inspiration, not during… usually. Where were you when you heard your first book was contracted. What did you do?

I’d just come home from having lunch at my parent’s house. It was Mother’s Day and we got home about four o’clock and I was going to spend the rest of the evening doing nothing but writing. I opened my email and found a response to the full I’d sent in three months before. The Wild Rose Press was offering me a contract! You probably heard me scream at your house.

So that’s what that noise was! Tell us about your newest release.

Out of The Darkness is a paranormal vampire romance that was released May 28, 2010 from The Wild Rose Press. It’s available in print and e-format from the Wild Rose Press

I have a soft spot for TWRP authors! : ) Out of the Darkness sounds good! Do you have anything in the works?

I have a historical under consideration with The Wild Rose Press and another historical under consideration with another publisher. I’m also working on the sequel to Out of the Darkness. I’m hoping to finish Into the Light this year so I can submit it to my editor.

Good luck with that! Do you write full or part time?

I can only afford to write part time. I’m a registered radiologic technologist with a certification in mammography. During the day, I work as a mammographer in a local hospital.

That is a worthy and necessary profession. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Emerald Isle, NC. My husband and I have been vacationing on the Crystal Coast since 1982 and I’ve been dreaming of moving there ever since. I would love to have a beach house on stilts with large windows and a wrap-around porch overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. I can’t think of anything that would be closer to perfect! Except maybe during a hurricane. Lol!

I’m a Pacific coast girl, but my dream home is also very near the beach. There is something so peaceful and awe inspiring about the ocean. Until you get your beach house, where can we find you?

My website is http://www.lillygayle.com/ and I blog at www.lillygayleromance.blogspot.comYou can also find me on facebook at www.facebook.com/lillygayle and www.facebook.com/lillygaylebooks

Okay, no slumber party is complete without some a little truth or dare...or in this case truth or truth. Have you ever had a one-night stand?

No. Although I had some hot and heavy make out sessions before I met my husband, he’s the only man I’ve ever been with. We got married when I was 20 and just celebrated our 30th anniversary in June. He’s still the love of my life.

That is the best kind of love story! What is the craziest or most unusual place you’ve had sex?

In between two sand dunes at midnight on Carolina Beach. I do NOT recommend it. Two words. Sand fleas.

LOL. Okay, so what would you consider a romantic date?

A nice dinner in a great restaurant followed by a moonlight stroll on a beach or beside a mountain stream followed by wine and quite conversation on a balcony overlooking the ocean or a valley. Then, soft romantic music and cotton sheets.

Eygptian, of course. If you could take a date anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Italy. With a stop off in Germany. We went to Germany in 2008 to visit my daughter whose husband is stationed at the Army garrison in Grafenwoehr. I loved it and want to go back but after seeing the pictures they took while on a belated honeymoon trip to Cinque Terre, Italy, I’ve added Italy to my list of dream vacations.

I love Italy. What is the best pick-up line someone has ever tried on you? Did it work?

Me—after walking past this great looking guy sitting alone at a table fifteen minutes after I was introduced to him at the bar: “What are you doing sitting here by yourself?”
Him: “If you join me, I won’t be by myself anymore.”
Yes. It worked. I married him 18 months later.

That is so romantic! It's no wonder you started writing romance, your life is full of it!

Here's a blurb for OUT OF THE DARKNESS

Her research could cure his dark hunger if a covert government agent doesn't get to her first.
Vincent Maxwell is a vampire with a conscience seeking a cure to his dark hunger. But when a scientist looking to create vampire soldiers captures and kills a fellow vampire, Vincent seeks out Dr. Megan Harper, a beautiful research scientist who discovered a link between a genetic light sensitivity disorder and vampirism. Dr. Harper could hold a key to a cure and the answers to Gerard’s death. But getting close to the beautiful scientist could endanger both their lives.

When Megan meets Vincent, she believes he suffers from xeroderma pigmentosum, the genetic disease that killed her sister. Sensing a deep loneliness within the handsome man, Megan offers friendship and access to her research files hoping Vincent will offer her a position in his company. But they soon become more than friends and Megan learns the horrifying truth. She's entered the dark and unseen world of vampires and Vincent is her only hope of survival.


“It’s been a long night,” she said. “I’d ask you
to stay, but...” she glanced nervously up the
The knot in his gut loosened. He stepped
closer. Her shoulder pressed into his arm just
above his elbow. She tensed but didn’t move. “But
you knew I couldn’t accept?” he asked softly.
“Yeah. Something like that.” She glanced
nervously upward, finally meeting his eyes. She
looked wary. Afraid.
And oh so vulnerable.
He leaned in, his arm snaking around her
waist, pulling her closer. Her muscles strained,
but she didn’t resist as he drew her in and slowly
lowered his head. “And would you have put me in
your sister’s bed?” He raised a finger to trace the
outline of her mouth.
She trembled, her breath escaping her parted
lips in a breathy sigh. Warm air brushed his
fingertips, stirring his senses. Heating his blood.
“I don’t know.” Her breasts rose and fell with
each shuddering breath she took, her soft curves
brushing the hard wall of his chest.
She pulled her plump bottom lip between her
teeth and looked up with pleading eyes. Eyes that
begged him to make the decision for her.
Blood rushed to his groin, awakening an
insatiable hunger, but not for blood. For the taste
of her lips. Just one taste. A taste that would
haunt him in his dreams as the last one had.
He groaned.
And lowered his mouth to hers.

You can find more about Lilly on her website or purchase OUT OF THE DARKNESS here!


Yes two!

The awesome Fiction Vixen reviewed First Date and After Hours! And hey, I thought she was awesome before I read the reviews! ; ) Now, now I'm tempted to send her cookies!

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Book Review: Simply Insatiable by Kate Pearce

A dear freind of mine game me this book as a "just because" gift and, I think, because she couldn't believe I'd never read any of Kate Pearce's Simply series.

Well I have now and Jen, you were right!

Blaize Minshom is the rich, arrogant leading man you love to hate until you discover he's stolen your heart somewhere in the previous pages.

Jane Minshom hasn't seen her husband in seven years and she's decided it's time to rectify that situation and win back her husband's heart. Unfortunately, Blaize isn't interested in being won. He tries to push Jane away as fast and as far as possible and what better way than to drop her head first into his decadent and provocative lifestyle of bondage and sex?

To his suprise, Jane shows fortitude and an affinity for the lifestyle that is shocking and exciting on a level Blaize isn't willing to examine too closely.

Simply Insatiable is a very hot love story between an unlikely hero and heroine. Kate's writing is beyond good. There is a reason she's known is some circles as the queen and she will leave you with a satisfied sigh as you turn the last page.

Read more about Kate Pearce and her books on her website.
Here is an except from SIMPLY INSATIABLE. Warning: M/M action. Rated R

Chapter One

London 1819

He’d made a fool of himself.

Over a man.

Lord Minshom raised the bottle at his elbow, drank deeply, then carefully set it down again. He licked the brandy from his lips and tasted his own defeat and humiliation at the hands of that upstart, Lord Anthony Sokorvsky. A man who’d had the nerve to walk away from him—from him!

All of London was whispering about how his former sex slave had forsaken him for a woman. Minshom smiled bitterly in the direction of the fire and exhaled, feeling the tug of recently healed bone. At their last meeting, Sokorvsky had punched him so hard he’d ended up unconscious at the bottom of the stairs with two cracked ribs. Luckily, Robert had been there to drag him away before Sokorvsky and his nauseating lady love had descended the stairs to gloat over him.

Minshom picked up the bottle again and drank until there was nothing left. And it wasn’t as if he was ‘in love’ with Sokorvsky. He didn’t love anyone, didn’t believe he was capable of it anymore. All his sexual encounters were exercises in power, opportunities to show that he was still at his peak and able to subdue or seduce anyone he wanted.

Yet Sokorvsky had found the balls to walk away from him. And for the first time in his life, despite his threats, Minshom had given up the pursuit and allowed his former lover to follow his heart. He grimaced at his own saccharine choice of words. Was he slipping? Was he losing his touch?

“My lord?”

He turned his head toward the door of the oak-paneled study, blinked at the blurred outline of his valet and occasional secretary, Robert Brown.


Robert came farther into the room. His dark red hair glinted in the meager candlelight, the only spot of color against his pale skin and somber black attire.

“Would you like to retire for the night, sir?”

Minshom held out the brandy bottle. “Get me another one of these.”

Unlike most of his staff, Robert held his ground and didn’t even duck.

“I’ll get you more brandy if you take it up to bed with you, how’s that?”

“Go to hell.”

“I’m already there, sir; I’ve lived with you for far too long. You’ll have to think of something else to threaten me with.”

Minshom raised an eyebrow and threw the bottle toward the marble fireplace where it shattered into a million glittering fragments and almost put the fire out. “Get me my brandy, damn you.”

Robert sighed. “I’ll go and get someone to clean that up, sir. I wouldn’t want you cutting yourself.”

“Leave it.”

Robert hesitated, his brown eyes fixed on Minshom’s. He was in his early thirties, had come to Minshom Abbey as a stable boy and had stayed with his master ever since.


“Come here and kneel down.” Minshom pointed to the rug in front of him.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go upstairs? Anyone could come in.”

“And see you sucking my cock? I’m sure they’ve all seen that before.”

Robert looked resigned, but he did as he was told and came to kneel in front of Minshom. He eyed Minshom’s groin.

“After the amount you’ve had to drink, I’m not sure I’ll be able to get a rise out of you, sir.”

“You’d better try hard then, hadn’t you?”

Robert sighed again and undid the buttons of Minshom’s placket, pushed aside his underclothes to reveal his half-erect cock. Minshom reached forward to slide his hand into Robert’s thick pelt of auburn hair.

“Make it fast and hard, make me come.”

He closed his eyes as Robert’s warm mouth closed over his shaft and began to suck and pump his flesh. He hadn’t been back to the pleasure house since his injury. The discovery that Sokorvsky’s woman was Madame Helene’s daughter hadn’t helped either. Would he ever go back there? Was it time to move on?


He could almost hear his father saying it, the way his lip would curl, the sting of the beating he would no doubt get for his impudence in begging for the punishment to end. He dug his fingers deeper into Robert’s hair, heard his valet draw in a hurried breath and suck faster. Perhaps he hadn’t completely lost his ability to make men sexually serve him after all. But then he and Robert had always been simpatico.

A slight commotion in the hallway below registered through his drunken arousal. He wasn’t expecting guests and had told his damned butler to deny anyone who inquired. He had no desire to see the glee in his so-called friends’ eyes as they recounted yet more gossip about Sokorvsky and his new love. To be fair, he’d liked Marguerite Lockwood, had felt an unexpected stir of interest in his loins despite his refusal to fuck women. She’d reminded him of someone…

The disturbance was getting louder, rising up the stairs, coming closer. The agitated sound of his butler’s voice and the clearer high tones of a woman. What in damnation was going on? Robert stopped sucking and tried to raise his head. Minshom shoved him back down again.

“I didn’t tell you to stop.”

He didn’t bother to turn his head as the door flew open and his butler started apologizing.

“I’m sorry, sir, she refused to leave and…”

And sure enough, his vision was filled with an apparition from the darkest recesses of his personal hell.

“Good evening, Robert, good evening, Minshom.”

Minshom kept one restraining hand on Robert’s head. He used the other to wave the butler away and waited until the door shut behind him before addressing his visitor.

“What the hell are you doing here?”

“Visiting you?”

“I didn’t give you permission to do that.”

She raised her eyebrows and took off her bonnet, holding it at her side by its wide blue ribbons. Her long brown hair was neatly parted in the center and drawn back into two coiled braids over her ears. At first glance, she still looked far too young to be anyone’s wife, let alone his.

“I don’t believe I need your permission to visit my own house.”

“It’s my house. Don’t you remember? When you married me, everything you brought with you became mine.”

“How could I forget? You’ve always been very good at making me feel like a possession.”

He met her clear hazel eyes and smiled. “And yet, here you are. Where you are not wanted.”

She sighed. “Can we stop this? I need to talk to you.”

He glanced down at Robert. “I’m busy. Make an appointment with my secretary and get out of my house.”

She regarded him for another long moment and then turned on her heel. “Fine, I’m going to bed. I’ll see you in the morning when you are sober.”

He closed his eyes as the door closed behind her, waited for the front door to slam as well and heard nothing. Dammit, where was the woman going? He sat forward and hissed as his now-flaccid cock caught on Robert’s teeth.



He glared down at his valet who was busy wiping his hand over his mouth.

“Was that her ladyship, sir?”


“Did you finally send for her?”

“Of course not!”

Minshom shoved his seat back and stood up, waited for the room to readjust itself to his unbalanced drunken gaze. Where the hell had Jane gone? Surely she hadn’t had the audacity to stay and bed down here for the night? He’d made it quite clear he wanted her off his property. Minshom started for the door, almost tripping over Robert in his haste.

The marble stairway was dark, and Minshom paused to listen. A door closed upstairs and he set off again, following the faint trail of lavender soap Jane always left behind her. He was aware of Robert tracking him, but at least he had the sense not to speak.

Minshom passed the door into his own suite and kept going down the hall. A faint light gleamed under the door of the room next to his. He entered without knocking and found his wife kneeling in front of the fireplace encouraging a wisp of smoke to ignite the kindling.

“I told you to get out.”

She rose slowly to her feet and faced him, her expression as mulish as he suspected his was.

“I am not going anywhere.”

You can read more of the first chapter here.

Monday Pick-Me-Up

To me, he looks like a romance hero.

Book Review: Kilt-A-Licious by Catherine Bybee

Kilt-A-Licious is the long-awaited sequel to Kilt Worthy by Catherine Bybee. And let me tell you, this story starts out hot and never loses steam!

Hot men in kilts, hotter sex...as in melt-in-your-chair-every-girl’s- fantasy M/M/F action. Or is that M/F/M?

Sheri, the best friend and roommate of Jane from Kilt Worthy, doesn’t let herself get close to many people. That happens when experience and you past has proven you'll lose all those you let yourself love. When Sheri finds a gorgeous intruder packing Jane’s possessions, she doesn’t hesitate--she does what any reasonable woman would do. She hides. But worry for her friend soon trumps fear and she confronts the intruder. When he assures her Jane is fine, she isn’t satisfied and follows him to an old warehouse. Sparks fly and Sheri finds that this strange man has somehow wormed his way into her heart in a very short period of time.

The relationship between Sheri and Chase is complex and at times heart-breaking. Catherine Bybee handles the switch from present day to ancient Scotland with skill and finesse. Each time period had its own feel and Sheri’s reaction to an ancient castle was very much what you’d expect of a modern woman.

Kilt-A-Licious is a story I’d recommend even if you haven’t read Kilt Worthy. But if you haven’t read Kilt Worthy, you’re missing out on another great read!

Find out more about Catherine and her books at her website.

Read the first chapter of Kilt-A-Licious here!

Blurb -
Time traveling Highlander, Chase Donnach, would like nothing better than to enjoy his last days in the twenty-first century in the arms of the feisty, redhead Sheri Lansing. When their mutual sexual pleasure develops into much bigger emotions of love and forever Chase has to convince Sheri that he’s the Highlander for her.

All of Sheri’s life the people she grows to love leave her. When Chase slips into her heart, she reflexively pushes him away. Can Chase really love her as much as he sa

Are you a plotter or a panster?

And have you ever tried to convert someone to your way of writing?

Writing is intensely personal and although I know writing professionally is miles different than writing for fun, does it change the fundamental way we write?

I'm a pantser, through and through. At times I start with a simple concept. Other times a character... and yes, armed with only that, I jump into a story. Are there rewrites? There always are. Do I get stuck? Not as often as you might think...

Oh, I'm blathering!

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Monday Pick-me-up

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