Book Review: Kilt-A-Licious by Catherine Bybee

Kilt-A-Licious is the long-awaited sequel to Kilt Worthy by Catherine Bybee. And let me tell you, this story starts out hot and never loses steam!

Hot men in kilts, hotter in melt-in-your-chair-every-girl’s- fantasy M/M/F action. Or is that M/F/M?

Sheri, the best friend and roommate of Jane from Kilt Worthy, doesn’t let herself get close to many people. That happens when experience and you past has proven you'll lose all those you let yourself love. When Sheri finds a gorgeous intruder packing Jane’s possessions, she doesn’t hesitate--she does what any reasonable woman would do. She hides. But worry for her friend soon trumps fear and she confronts the intruder. When he assures her Jane is fine, she isn’t satisfied and follows him to an old warehouse. Sparks fly and Sheri finds that this strange man has somehow wormed his way into her heart in a very short period of time.

The relationship between Sheri and Chase is complex and at times heart-breaking. Catherine Bybee handles the switch from present day to ancient Scotland with skill and finesse. Each time period had its own feel and Sheri’s reaction to an ancient castle was very much what you’d expect of a modern woman.

Kilt-A-Licious is a story I’d recommend even if you haven’t read Kilt Worthy. But if you haven’t read Kilt Worthy, you’re missing out on another great read!

Find out more about Catherine and her books at her website.

Read the first chapter of Kilt-A-Licious here!

Blurb -
Time traveling Highlander, Chase Donnach, would like nothing better than to enjoy his last days in the twenty-first century in the arms of the feisty, redhead Sheri Lansing. When their mutual sexual pleasure develops into much bigger emotions of love and forever Chase has to convince Sheri that he’s the Highlander for her.

All of Sheri’s life the people she grows to love leave her. When Chase slips into her heart, she reflexively pushes him away. Can Chase really love her as much as he sa


Emma Lai said...

Lovely review, Lynne! Kilt-a-licious is a definite must have!

Catherine Bybee said...

LOL... "She hides." Yep, she does. Thanks for this lovely review, Lynne!

Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Oh yeah... I have this author on my radar!!!!! Great review honey!!
I hope you have a great Friday!! And have a wonderful weekend!

Lynne Roberts said...

Thank you Emma! It's so nice to see you!

You're welcome, Catherine. It was a very enjoyable read. Thank you!

Hi Cecile!

Yes, this is a writer to keep on your radar! My Friday was great and the weekend too short. ; )
How about you?