Curious about Caleb?

Want some juicy details not found in the book? Robin Badillo has graciously interviewed Caleb from Creative License. Stop by and find out why he makes even his writer swoon. ; ) 


I am all over the place!

Please join me at Robin Badillo's blog where she has me in the hot seat! (and we're talking cookies cakes and pies)

It's getting steamy in Michele Zurlo's Steam Room where a comment may win you a gift certificate from Samhain Publishing.

And things are getting spicy, and I'm revealing how I set the mood for my erotic scenes, at Emma Lai's Spicier Side blog.  

I'd love to see you there! : )

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Monday Pick Me Up and news!

Now that's a happy trail!

This week I'm over at the Steam Room! Stop by and say hi for a chance to win a gift certificate from Samhain.

Congratulations! We have a winner

This is proof-positive why it's important to check things like pre-scheduled blog posts!

Congratulations Joanne Stewart! You've been select by the infallible child picking a name out of a basket method. You won the gift certificate for commenting on the HOOKING UP blog post!

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Today I'm over at the extremely patient and talented Tina Donahue's blog talking about what makes a character unforgetable. Please stop by and show some love.

Monday Pick Me Up

So you think that's Play or Ply as in pliable? ; )


Today I’m celebrating the release of HOOKING UP, my newest short from The Wilder Rose Press. I am so excited about this book. I followed my heart with this storyline knowing it reduced the chance of publication. But thanks to my awesome editor and the staff at Wilder Rose Press, I'm lucky enough to share this story with you.

I have to admit this is one of my favorite covers ever! To wet your appetite, here's a blurb:

Trisha is tired of tame, tired of predictable. After years of playing the supporting role, she longs for one night of unrestrained sensuality, a night of passion to reawaken the woman she once was. Can she step out of her comfort zone and into the arms of a stranger for a single taste of erotic abandon?

To celebrate this release, leave a comment on blog with your email address and on Tuesday March 23nd, I'll randomly pick a name to win a $5 gift certificate from The Wilder Rose Press.

Want a greater chance to win?

In the comments, let me know if you tweeted this contest, mentioned it on facebook or on your blog. For each location, you'll get one entry. So if you tweet, facebook, blog and comment, you'll get four entries.

Easy enough?

Good luck!

CREATIVE LICENSE is in a contest

And I'd really like this cover to win. I mean it's awesome. Not that I'm competetive or anything. ; )

If you have the time, please stop by Still Moments Magazine and vote for your favorite cover. I know some authors who would really appreciate it, me included!


PS: CREATIVE LICENSE is number 30... : )

Contests: Love them or leave them?

I have a question for all of you. Do you like contests? I’m not asking if you like winning stuff, because who doesn’t? But do you enjoy entering contests?

I’m asking because I’ve held a few contests that fell flat. I didn’t make it complicated, you know, a comment enters you…but um… nada. I suppose it could be that I don’t promo enough… but I don’t want to be seen as… pushy. yeah I know... I need to get more pushy, aka market savvy and assertive. ; )

I have this awesome prize to give away and I’m SO excited to do so, but I’m not sure which kind of contest to host. To make things a little more complicated, due to regulations, I can’t host a contest in which those who have purchased my book have a greater chance of winning then those who haven’t… hmmm.

Any suggestions? What are your favorite kinds of contests? What would you do to win a Kama Sutra set of chocolate body paints?

Monday Pick Me Up

And with abs like that, I'm sure it will be!

Fool for Romance

First a disclaimer. I’m typing this on my itty bitty computer with the itty bitty International keyboard which means some of the keys are not where they should be and I can’t find them. Please ignore punctuation… I did the best I could.

Today is my day to host the Fool for Romance blog. As I considered what I should write about, I dismissed straight up promotion because well, you all know Creative License is available at Samhain and my shorts can be found at The Wild Rose Press, it says so to the right. Then I considered writing a blog about promotion. How much is too much, how much is not enough? But I really didn’t want to go there. So I finally settled on writing about romance. I mean, that’s what I do, right. What is it about romance that lures us in?

I read my first romance as a preteen. I loved reading the stories of man finds girl, woos girls and finally marries girl. Happy sigh. I wanted that. Wanted a man who loved me completely. Skip way ahead. We’re skipping past the tragic wrong man love story. For many years, as a single mother, I shamelessly lived through the heroine of the story and then the heroines of my stories because although my love story hadn’t worked out, I believed in happily ever after … for other people. Now that I have my own second¬-chance-at-love story, you’d think I wouldn’t be drawn to romance so much… I mean I’m living a romance with all the fireworks, chemistry I try to put in my stories. You’d be wrong. I love romance. There is just something about two people overcoming obstacles, finding each other, learning from past mistakes and falling in love that draws me in.

There are all types of love stories: Right man wrong time, Right man right time, Friends to lovers, Reunion, Cougar, and many more. I'm not sure what my favorites are... but FIRST DATE is something of a reunion story as is CREATIVE LICENSE. AFTER HOURS is a cougar love story. I’m currently working on a friends to lovers story that I just love.

I write romance because I love it. I will be the first to admit I’m in love with love.

So, what are your favorite kinds of romance stories and/or why do you read romance?

Remember, commenting on this blog enters you in a contest to not only win Tickle n Taste powder, but in enters you in a contest to win a KINDLE. Yup, a kindle. But you must leave your two cents below.

For more information, visit Crystal Rain Love's blog.

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Are you a Fool for Romance?

I know I am!

This month, being a fool for romance can really pay off. Thanks to the talented, and organized, Crystal Rain Love, 27 romance authors (including myself) have gathered together to create an amazing prizes  including signed books, bath and body sets, candles, bookmarks, gift cards (I'm giving away Tickle n Taste body powder) ; ) Also this year, we will be giving away a Kindle. Yes, you read that right. What better way to read your favorite romance authors!

So, I bet you're asking what you have to do. Visit any of the authors blogs and do what's asked. For instance, tomorrow I'll be posting a blog and a comment puts you in the running for the grand prize!

A comment for a huge grand prize and a Kindle... I'm wishing I could play. ; )

For more information, visit Crystal's blog and tune in tomorrow right here!

My biggest challenge

Hi Everyone,

*knock knock*

At least I think you're out there. *hello?*

I've had to step away from the blog for a bit. I know, not a good idea right after a new release but kinda necessary.

I know all of you are busy... who isn't any more? But recently, I just haven't been able to juggle like I used to. There have been some wonderful additions in my life that I wouldn't give up for the world, namely my awesome boyfriend and his equally awesome son, but they take time.

When you're juggling at your limit, not even coffee will keep you from dropping a few balls. Mine have been raining like Niagra.

So this is it. A confession. I'm a writer, that's what I do. But in the past 2 months, (not counting my nonfiction day job) you know how many words I've written? (Oh I hope my editor doesn't read this) A big fat zero.

I've been attempting to promote CREATIVE LICENSE and HOOKING UP (which comes out in 11 days!)<--see, promo.: ) I've been writing blog posts (but that's doesn't count toward wordcount... right?)Trying to keep up with emails... (I took an internet vacation this weekend to clean house and I still haven't built up the courage to check my email... On Friday, I left it with over 200, I expect over 800) And I still don't feel like I'm promoting enough!

For instance, I have an awesome contest lined up... only I haven't written the blog post to announce it... I have chocolate body paint as a prize... if you've read CREATIVE LICENSE, you'll know why that's cool. ; ) <-- more shameless promo.

Realistically, I have an hour, maybe two to work on my fiction each day. Lately, that time has been spent on emails and blogs. Any time added is taken away from kids, house, boyfriend or yardwork. (Oh, you should see the weeds--maybe not)

Did I mention Lynne is my pen name? I'm having the same problem with my 'real' name too. 4 emails, 2 blogs, 2 twitter, 2 facebook... etc.

So, I know I'm not alone out here. I know other writers have kids, husbands or significant others, houses, jobs, family obligations, church, etc. HOW DO YOU MANAGE???

This is not one of those questions posed to get you to comment. This is a plea for advice.

Sooo, anyone have any?



Monday Pick Me Up

As an homage to my awesome boyfriend, who loves wrestling. ; ) And because my 5 yo thinks he's awesome. (and I can't argue)

Here's John Cena to pick you up on this cloudy (here anyway)Monday!

You gotta love a man who fills out a t-shirt like that.

Yup, he's the champ. ; )

Valentines Blog Tour Winners

Our Week Four winner was Rebecca Booth, who won a $15 AND a $20 gift card from The Wild Rose Press.

And our Grand Prize Winner was Maria Yerton! Maria won a $15 AND a $25 gift card from The Wild Rose Press, PLUS a full size Shower Gel and Body Lotion from The Bath and Body Works in Night-Blooming Jasmine! Congratulations, Maria!

I hope this was as much fun for all of you as it was for me!

Stay tuned. I will be announcing a new contest next Tuesday and, from my lips to God's ears, writing a blog post filling you in on what's been going on in my world!