My biggest challenge

Hi Everyone,

*knock knock*

At least I think you're out there. *hello?*

I've had to step away from the blog for a bit. I know, not a good idea right after a new release but kinda necessary.

I know all of you are busy... who isn't any more? But recently, I just haven't been able to juggle like I used to. There have been some wonderful additions in my life that I wouldn't give up for the world, namely my awesome boyfriend and his equally awesome son, but they take time.

When you're juggling at your limit, not even coffee will keep you from dropping a few balls. Mine have been raining like Niagra.

So this is it. A confession. I'm a writer, that's what I do. But in the past 2 months, (not counting my nonfiction day job) you know how many words I've written? (Oh I hope my editor doesn't read this) A big fat zero.

I've been attempting to promote CREATIVE LICENSE and HOOKING UP (which comes out in 11 days!)<--see, promo.: ) I've been writing blog posts (but that's doesn't count toward wordcount... right?)Trying to keep up with emails... (I took an internet vacation this weekend to clean house and I still haven't built up the courage to check my email... On Friday, I left it with over 200, I expect over 800) And I still don't feel like I'm promoting enough!

For instance, I have an awesome contest lined up... only I haven't written the blog post to announce it... I have chocolate body paint as a prize... if you've read CREATIVE LICENSE, you'll know why that's cool. ; ) <-- more shameless promo.

Realistically, I have an hour, maybe two to work on my fiction each day. Lately, that time has been spent on emails and blogs. Any time added is taken away from kids, house, boyfriend or yardwork. (Oh, you should see the weeds--maybe not)

Did I mention Lynne is my pen name? I'm having the same problem with my 'real' name too. 4 emails, 2 blogs, 2 twitter, 2 facebook... etc.

So, I know I'm not alone out here. I know other writers have kids, husbands or significant others, houses, jobs, family obligations, church, etc. HOW DO YOU MANAGE???

This is not one of those questions posed to get you to comment. This is a plea for advice.

Sooo, anyone have any?




Emma Lai said...

I hear ya', Lynne.

I have multiple email accounts. If you're like me some need to be checked frequently, but others only weekly or every couple of days. (I used to obsessively check them all at the same time. What a headache.) I've also forwarded some of my accounts to one main one to check. This is very handy.

I have multiple blogs. I try and find a way to use the same inspiration to write as many of the blogs as possible.

I've linked my blogs, facebook and twitter accounts and let them update each other...however that works.

Hope something works for you.

Jennifer Jakes said...

I wish I had an answer for you -- for me! I just keep pushing myself, fall into a dead sleep when I can't push anymore, then get up and do it all again.
Life is throwing things at me lately like a crazed sling shot.
Like Emma said, I suggest forwarding all emails to one if you can, eliminate some if you can. Try to prioritize. You've have releases coming up - that should be #1. Then go from there ..... Not really much help tho'.
Vitamins. That's my advice. Otherwise you won't make it through this.

Marie Tuhart said...

What a timely post Lynne. I too feel like I've been dropping the ball due to promotion of a new release.

It's not easy to juggle it all. I only check my 2 main emails a few times a day, I learned long ago I don't have to read every email so I do a lot of scanning.

I do my blog posting ahead of time for the next month and schedule them, one less thing to worry about.

With the day job, I finally received approval to part-time telecommute so that means I don't have to go to the office each day and deal with the 2 hour daily commute.

I fit things into little time. If I'm on a conference call, I try to do other things (write my blog posts, answer/read emails.)

I do little things all day long to make it all easier on me. I've also started keeping a calendar on my desk with what has to be done that day, it has really helped me keep on track.

L. K. Below said...

I'm not so sure I have any advice to give you, but I feel like I'm in the same boat myself. I write full time and so far this year I have completed 1 short story and 1 novella. (For me, I consider this pretty despicable). I try to write, but promo (like my new release coming out today LOL) tends to take up massive chunks of my time. At the same time, I'm writing a lot of blog posts because lately, I find that people are actually reading them and I like that feeling, of my words being read, no matter what it's about. A pen name I definitely wouldn't be able to handle, alongside myself. I am me and no duplicates are necessary! LOL

But I have found that cooking something gives me time to check my email without burning anything (usually).

Best of luck with the juggling! I hope it works out for you. And for me too, come to think of it LOL

Kelly said...

Hi, Lynne. I wish I could wave a magic wand and know the answer to this. My delimma is, how can a writer write thousands and thousands of words a day with a family and house to take care of? If anyone knows the secret to that, please tell me. I try to make time for my writing, but it's constantly interrupted with family. But how could it not be? You can't just ignore them. I guess we just have to do the best we can, but what with promos, edits, and all the millions of things a writer has to do, it's just not easy to have time to do the most important thing, and that is to write! Good luck, and lots of love and understanding coming your way!

Willa Edwards said...

I have the same issues Lynne (and I don't have any kids, I can't imagine the time strain that would add). I've been writing some of blogs about the things I find improve my productivity or separate me from distractions (like commenting on blogs or checking my email :D) but practice is much harder than even I make it seem.

I hope you all the luck in finding what works for you. Its definitely an art form.

Bianca Swan said...

I am SO there with you. Yesterday, I buried my face in my hands and wondered how I would finish my galleys AND write the blog I was supposed to deliver, then turning up at my job on Monday. I need a handsome Prince. Know any? By the by The King's Speech is WONDERFUL

Fiona McGier said...

I work 2 p/t jobs to help put my 4 young-adult kids through college. I write when they are either asleep (I have to stay up VERY late for that!) or when they are at school/work. I don't get more than 4-5 hours of sleep each night, even though recent research says that is very bad for me. I sleep in on day a week I don't do either job. But I blog/e-mail/write. I need to learn to give up sleep entirely, that's the solution!

Lynne Roberts said...

Hello everyone and THANK YOU!!! I did read everyone's comments yesterday but uh, I didn't have time to respond. ; )

First I just want to tell you that you all helped! You see, I don't feel so alone... I mean I knew it was a struggle for many writers, but know I know... you know? LOL Don't judge my books by that last sentence, please.

Emma, I admire you, always have! Thank you so much.

Jennifer, I just started taking vitamins. ; ) and I agree, prioritizing is key... but you know that's a bit tricky at times. promo/write next book/promo/next book. ARGH! ; )

Marie, I used to take one day a month and write my blogs for the next month.... I think I'd better try that again. boyfriend will understand... right?

L.K. I am queen of multi-tasking... LOL believe or not. I was one of those geeky kids that tried to see how many things I could do at once. I never watch TV unless I have a computer, laundry, bills or something else to do.

Kelly, thanks for the love and understanding. I really appreciate it... and if you ever find that magic wand, toss it this way, please. : )

Willa, you hit the nail on the head. It is an artform. One I haven't quite mastered. Thank you so much!

Bianca... I found my handsome prince, but he's currently without a kingdom... or his fortune. ; ) I plan on watching the King's Speech! Thanks for the rec!

Fiona, I've often thought the same thing. If I could just give up sleep. I've tried the 4 hours of sleep a night, but after a week, I'm so loopy I stare at the screen and blink like I've never seen a cursor. ; )

Again. Thank you! I've said it before and this won't be the last time. The writing community is made of the best humankind has to offer. You all rock!