What's in a Name?

In a word: Everything.

I know I really suck at naming my books. Every once in a while, a name will just come to me, like First Date. It was just... perfect. The title Rendezvous also drifted into my consciousness with little thought. I love the name. Rendezvous. It says everything I need to say in one word. A word full of nuance and character... and a word already used as a title.

So now I need to come up with a new title. I am figuratively-but it feels literal-banging my head against the wall here. And you know what? It doesn't kick the brain into overdrive much.

There is a lot of pressure in naming a book.

Let's skip beyond the little fact that you have to have a name before you can actually sign the contract. (Which you have to admit is an important little fact.)

The title is the first thing a potential reader sees. If it catches that reader's eye, it will draw him or her to your book. It is the hook to the blurbs reel. Or is it the bait to the blurbs hook?

I don't know, I don't even know why I'm using a fishing analogy. My mom used to take us fishing. I never had the heart to actually catch the little guys with their glassy eyes and gaping little mouths...

And that's neither here nor there and kinda exactly where I am naming this book.