Yes in the plural!

*Throwing confetti*

The Wild Rose Press offered a contract to Rendezvous, now known as Hooking Up, which is a short story close to my heart. I am so excited to work with my editor at TWRP again. In a word, she's awesome.

And *drum roll please* Samhain offerred a contract to Creative License a 40K novella that is also near and dear to my heart. The hero in Creative License is one of the yummiest I've ever written.

I'm a little nervous... this is a whole new ball game. But I'm taking one step at a time.

Some of you know it's been a long, dry period creatively for me and these contracts... well, they're like confirmation that I made the right choice.

I'll keep you all up to date


April Vine said...

Huge, huge congrats, Lynne! I am seriously looking forward to both your new books!! :)

J.A. Saare said...

Congrats on the new contracts!! ;)

Kaily Hart said...

HUGE, HUGE, HUGE congrats!! That's awesome!!! I LOVE your writing.

Cecile said...

Wooohoooo GO You GO You GO You GO You!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ***Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance***
Oh my gosh... you go girl!! Congrats for you!!! Now we have some major partying to do!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Lynne Roberts said...

Ah, thank you all! ; ) To celebrate I took the kids to the park with a few writing friends, and now I think I could sleep the rest of the day.

You all are what makes this worthwhile.

Thank you again.

: D

Helen Hardt said...

Wonderful news, hon!

Lynne Roberts said...

Thank you, Helen!

Cari Quinn said...

Could I be any more late for this post? I think not, LOL. But I wanted to say I'm so happy for you! Congratulations! You deserve every ounce of success coming your way! And also, just so everyone knows...Caleb's mine. Just saying. ;D