Under the Covers with K.M. Daughters

Welcome to Under the Covers with Lynne. Today we have two lovely authors under the covers. K.M. Daughters is the pen name for two women who write romance. So come on ladies, don’t be shy. First important question. Silk, satin, cotton, flannel. What is your sheet of choice and why?

K.M. Daughters: High thread-count cotton is luxurious to stretch out on: crisp, fresh, cool, and smooth against your skin. You instantaneously let your body go lax with soft cotton sheets beneath you…so a lover’s touch might overtake you.

Flannel provides a haven to burrow into: toasty, warm, sheltered and safe, like the circle of a lover’s arms around you.

Oh, I like the way you think! It’s three o’clock in the morning, what are you wearing?

K.M. Daughters: It depends on the night before.

Sounds mysterious. Unfortunately, it's just us tonight and since it’s a slumber party, calories don’t count. What snacks will we be munching on at midnight?

K.M. Daughters: Bite sized Mounds bars, pizza, toasted cheddar cheese cubes, M&M’s, Cadbury mini-eggs and a big box of Fannie May candy, assorted. And, one Daughters delights in caviar with toast points. Major stomach aches!

Oh, I don’t know where to start! Maybe the toasted cheddar cheese cubes, that wounds perfect on a cool fall night, and I know fall is your favorite season.

Let's play a game: Truth or Dare?

K.M. Daughters: Truth. Mom, the “K” in K.M. Daughters, insisted on the whole truth raising us, so it’s ingrained.

That a sign of a good mom. Tell us something not very many people know.

K.M. Daughters: I could have dated a prince, but I met him just after I was engaged to marry my husband.

A prince? That sounds like a plot waiting to happen.

After we finish all these snacks, I'll order out. What is your favorite thing to eat?

K.M. Daughters Lou Malnati, Chicago Pan Pizza

I've never had it, but it does sound good. I think a favorite flower says a lot about a person, what’s yours?

K.M. Daughters: Rose.

Ah, classic and romantic. So what do you say we watch a Twilight marathon while we finish this pizza? And let’s take a look under your covers.

How would you describe your writing style?

K.M. Daughters: Our style is flowing, fast-paced, character-driven and emotional. Romantic elements comprise about sixty percent of the plots in our romantic suspense novels. Unpredictable suspense aspects elevate the tension and heighten conflicts.

Sounds good. Tell us about your newest release.

K.M. Daughters: ALL’S FAIR IN LOVE AND LAW, Book 4, The Sullivan Boys Series, releases December 10th.

A preview reviewer says, “In one word, this book is Awesome!” Cheryl Malandrinos, The Book Connection.

We’re thrilled with her reaction and excited to present this installment to Readers, because we believe it’s the most dynamic Sullivan Boys book yet. Patrick Sullivan, the youngest living sibling in the family, assumes command as CPD Captain and wrestles with department cutbacks while working the inherited Garbage Man Killer case. Hotshot defense attorney, Charlie Demarco, seems determined to undermine Patrick’s quest to imprison criminals. Wildly attracted to each other, both Charlie and Patrick are entrenched on opposite sides of the law. A brutal serial killer forces them to unite forces with everything they care about at stake.

Wow. That’s intense. Do you have anything in the works?

K.M. Daughters: The release date for the fifth, and final, installment in The Sullivan Boys Series is pending – probably in late 2011. We recently received the awesome cover art for this book entitled, IN THE ST. NICK OF TIME. Kay Sullivan Lynch, the only sister in the family, returns to active duty as a homicide detective. Paired with district profiler, Flynn Dowd, Kay pursues the Santa Slayer, a killer so cunning, three sidewalk Santas die before forensics point to homicide. How does Flynn profile a criminal who repeatedly kills Santa Claus and is capable of saying, “Hurry up kid, or your list won’t be read. Santa can’t read it, if Santa is dead.”?

Who is your favorite character in your novels?

K.M. Daughters: It’s a toss-up between Bobbie Sullivan (Leighton) and Joe Sullivan.

What is your favorite part of being a romance writer?

K.M. Daughters: It is a blessing to immerse in worlds populated with people we’ve come to love and to share in their happily-ever-afters.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live your happily-ever after and why?

K.M. Daughters: Outer Banks, North Carolina. Because it’s heaven on earth to walk the beach; discover treasures like starfish, conch shells, sand dollars and shells; gaze at the ever-changing sea and write on the sand with my toe.

K.M. Daughters: Tuscany, Italy. Because it’s heaven on earth to stroll ancient cobble-stoned paths; watch the sun set behind spires on hilltops; drink in vistas of fields of sunflowers; savor the tastes of sweet tomatoes, perfect melons, crunchy bread dipped in olive oil, and aromatic espresso while seated at a table for two on a breezy patio; and sip wine with each delicious dinner course, al fresco under a star-strewn sky.

Oh, sounds like heaven. Until then, were can we find you?

K.M. Daughters: Friend us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/kmDaughters. And please visit our author website: We have family photos to share, and you may read excerpts of our books, sign up for our newsletter, learn more about our journey to publication, download our press kit, sample recipes and enter contests we run. You can contact us by email through our website, also. We LOVE to hear from Readers, and we answer each letter personally.