I'm back

And it always feels kinda strange being back after an extended vacation... but here I am!

Of course the "I'm on vacation" post never, well, posted, but I hope you got the idea when I didn't, um post. ; )

I had an awesome Christmas and New Years and I hope you did too. This year is looking to be pretty darn good. I have a new releases in February: Creative License from Samhain. Hooking Up from The Wilder Rose Press should be released in (possibly, maybe, estimating) April. I'll be editing Tiffany's story (from First Date) and subbing it ASAP--fingers crossed--and I have a new pretty brewing about in my head.

I have a ton of promotion ideas and this time, there will be yummy give aways and more contests. : ) Stay tuned!

And best of all!!!! on a personal note, I'm starting the year with an awesome boyfriend. <3 <3 <3 *happy sigh*

This Friday, Under the Covers is back and next Monday, I'll start your week right with a Monday Pick Me Up... until then, please, let me know how you've been doing and how you spent your holidays!