Long due post

Hi Everyone!

Here is a post that is long past due. You may have noticed that only silence has come from this blog for awhile. The good news? Carina Press is publishing my fantasy book, Altered Destiny, under my real name. The bad news? I just don't have time to give my full attention to two blogs, two (really four) emails, etc. Some of you know writing is just part of being a writer. Even editing is only part of being a writer. So, I've decided to turn my attention toward my fantasy books. These are not erotic books, but I think some of you may like them anyway. ; )

I can't express how wonderful you all have been, or how much your support has meant to me and what a bitter sweet decision this has been.

That's not to say I won't be on here occasionally. I have a guest lined up for you later this month. : )

So let me introduce myself to you. My name (why do I want to say Inigo Montoya?) is Shawna Thomas. Ah heck, that's not even true. My name is Shawna Guzman, but as I signed the publishing contract before I got married, I write under my maiden name, Shawna Thomas.

You can find me here or, every other Tuesday, here.

I'd love if you came by to say hi! I will miss you all, so please, don't be strangers!


Mimi Barbour said...

Congrats Lynne! You have won the coveted "Versatile Blogger" award. Please accept your award at http://mimibarbour.blogspot.com/