A blog award

I have been honored not once, but twice! (And I really suck because it's taken me so long to respond) The wonderful Cari Quinn and Emma Lai have chosen my blog for the Kreativ Blogger award.

Now I get to pass on seven facts about myself and pass on the award to seven Kreativ Bloggers.

1~ I really am addicted to coffee. I've been drinking it since I was two. My mom thought it would calm me down.

2~ I love to garden. There is something almost mystical about growing, harvesting and replanting... even if that harvesting means picking flowers.

3~I'm Native American and Irish. A potent combination. : ) Slow to anger but you really don't want to get me mad.

4 ~ I'm a neat freak, with the habits of a slob. Really, really frustrating. ; )

5 ~ My dream job is to own a bookstore/coffee shop near the ocean, where I can bake, write and read to my heart's content.

6 ~ I went to college to be a teacher.

7 ~ My oldest daughter and youngest sister are two of my best friends. (They're only 19 months apart)

Okay, that's it, nothing life-shattering or shocking. I suppose I should have tried to shock you, a little. ; ) So here's a bonus 8th: I used to sell sex toys.

And now to the blogs I'm nominating. By the way, I'd totally nominate Cari and Emma, but they've already done this.

So here goes.

Kaily Hart Always encouraging, clever and funny posts about the journey to published (and beyond, I'm sure).

Jennifer Leeland for some Redneck Romance and a talented writer telling it like it is.

Lia Slater Excerpts, interviews and common sense. Lia's blog will add to your TBR list.

J.A. Saare Jaime's Random Musings also tell it like it is. Another excellent writer's blog.

Catherine Bybee Another talented writer and awesome woman.

Helen Hardt Helen's Heros will keep you coming back for more, and more. ; )

Crystal Posey A beautiful blog with heart-felt posts.


J.A. Saare said...

#3 Made me chuckle. ;-)

Thanks for passing along the award to me, Lynne!

Lynne Roberts said...

You're welcome Jaime! LOVE your blog.

Cari Quinn said...

Love your 7 things! I really relate to #1, 3, 4 and 5. It's sweet you're so close to your oldest daughter and youngest sister. And #8's fun. ;)

Lynne Roberts said...

Thanks, Cari. What can I say? They're interesting people and, um, I don't get out much. ; )

Kaily Hart said...

Lynne, you're so sweet. Thanks for the nomination! Cari also nominated me. That doesn't mean I have to come up with another 7 things about myself, right? I struggled enough for the first 7 LOL! BTW, would love to learn more about selling sex toys one day :).

C said...

OMG I suck! I missed this!

Thank you :D

Crystal Posey said...

Geez, not only do I suck, but I'm signed in as someone else. Lovely.