Monday's Pick-me-up

Better late than never, right? : ) Well, I have a treat for you. If you follow me on twitter, and if you don't why not?, you'll know that I have a brand new crush. I haven't had a crush, well, since shortly after high school so it's kinda refreshing. So I figure, why hide it? I've learned most of you already know that Jared Leto is an actor as well as the lead singer to 30 Seconds to Mars, and a lot of you had a crush on him in My So Called Life, but I'd never heard of him. I loved the vocals to 30 Seconds but never looked past the music until very recently when my daughter pointed him out to me in a video. (I have however watched the entire first-and only-season of My So Called Life since then.)

Without further ado: Jared Leto.

Yes, I like the rocker boys. Always have.

Would you look at those eyes?!? You'd know if they were looking at you. : )


And barefoot. Don't you think he has nice... feet?


Cari Quinn said...

*sigh* Oh Jared, I love you so. Especially picture #3 - that fits the moody atmosphere of his music so well. Though the feet shot's not bad either. ;)

So did you love My So Called Life? Or at least like it a little?

Lynne Roberts said...

Yup, #3 is a winner. I was pleasantly surprised. It really was a good show. I don't know why it was cancelled. It did feel odd though, lusting after a teenager (though he would have had to be about 23 when he played the part). ; )

Kaily Hart said...

He's a cute one alright. He's also a bit of a chameleon. Have you seen him with blonde hair? The last pic is to die for. I like them rough, rugged and lean!

Emma Lai said...

Looks like great inspiration for a Cougar story.

Lynne Roberts said...

Hi Kaily! Yes, he is. Now that I know who he is, ; ) I've seen him morph into characters that don't even look like him: Fat, skinny... you name it.

Hi Emma,

You know, that's what I thought too. But he's only a year younger than I am.

Helen Hardt said...

Very hot! And much better without the black eyeliner, IMO ;).

Brenda ND said...

Yeah. Nice feet. Not many of us possess feet like that. Thanks for the eye candy.