Five Fun Facts

Happy September 1st!

Today, in honor of September, I thought I'd give you five facts about the kids starting school

1. If it’s the kids’ first day of school, why am I the one with the homework? Okay, that’s more of a question than a fact. The fact is there are so many forms to fill out and sign. The school wants you to fill out two emergency cards for each child (so they don’t have to make copies?) Each child needs a permission slip for the school to use his or her image, use of computer, lunches… I won’t go on. I have 4 children in school. Let’s just say it took me over an hour.

2. I was just as emotional dropping the 7th grader off as the kindergartner. 7th grade! Walking home, I kept picturing him as a happy, chubby baby. *sigh*. Not sure if preschool helped soften the Kindergarten thing, or if it’s just that she’s not a clingy child, but I managed to leave with just a feeling of melancholy.

3. I live an 8 minute walk from the elementary school. I walk the kids to school. Walk there to pick up the Kindergartner and walk back again to pick up the 5th grader. That’s over 45 minutes of walking. Why do I need the treadmill again?

4. Highschoolers are much easier to send off to school than the little ones.
“Do you need money for lunch?”
“Okay, have a good day at school, love you.” And that’s it, she’s gone.

5. After summer’s chaos, the house is very quiet when all the children are gone… until after school, when they bring all their friends over here. Pay off?


J.A. Saare said...

All I can say is -- thank god for school. I was counting the days until it started back!

Loved the list. :)

Cari Quinn said...

I'd say you deserve a very tall cup of coffee, my friend! ;D

Kaily Hart said...

LOL. I have 4 in school as well (although not the range you have) and it couldn't have started soon enough for me. Summer seemed sooooo long. Now I'm actually getting some dedicated writing time :). Hope you are too!

Lynne Roberts said...

Hi Jaime, I was counting the days until it started too, but with mixed emotions. The mornings are rough!

Cari, at least two. ; ) Thanks.

Kaily, I am getting dedicated writing time each day, not much, the day job comes first, but enough to move steadily ahead. Thanks!