Just a quick note

to tell you all that I am now on a Caribbean Island for my birthday. (which isn't until next week.) As I write this, I'm not sure if I'm under the shelter of a patio listening to the rain or lying on a beach in the sun. Either way I have a fruity drink and a good book. ; ) And best of all? A few days where my biggest decision is chicken or fish, and my only responsibility is getting dressed.

And yes, I'm absorbing every detail I can for a future book. Mmmm.... does that mean the trip is tax deductible?


Cecile said...

Okay wait.... let me grab my bags and I will be right over.... First party... then beach... Oh no sister... Not without me!!!!!

Have a great day and weekend hon!

Cari Quinn said...

Hope you had an amazing time! And yes, it definitely should be tax deductible! :)