Under the Covers with Silver James

Silver, welcome to Under the Covers with Lynne. First important question. Silk, satin, cotton, flannel. What is your sheet of choice and why? Hi, Lynne. 1000 count Egyptian cotton. Talk about luxurious! Better than silk, not as slick as satin, the cool and ease of cotton, and just as cuddly in a totally rich way as flannel.

I’ll scoot over *pats mattress* Let’s get comfortable. Thanks for inviting me over. *floofs pillows* *plops down* I’ve been looking forward to being under the covers with you. *grin and wink*

As I have you! Tonight, calories don’t count. What snacks will we be munching on? Sonic M&M Blast, Orville Redenbacher’s Movie Theater Popcorn, and Diet Coke. And maybe some Lay’s Potato Chips and Dean’s Onion Dip. Or lobster bites. *grin*

Oh, that sounds divine. You are a woman who knows how to live. Pass the popcorn, please. Okay. Truth or dare? Dare. I never could resist one.

Oooh, and a woman who lives on the edge. That’s nice to know. What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done? Does playing Lady Godiva on a white horse in the middle of fraternity row count?

It does! How daring are you? What are you usually wearing in the middle of the night? Cotton sleep pants and a tank top. Wait. That’s usually what I’m wearing at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, too!

What is the best pick-up line someone has ever tried on you? Did it work? Aw heck. I’ve been married for almost 30 years. My memory doesn’t go back far enough to remember pickup lines. *laugh* And back in my dating days, they were pretty darn lame, like “What’s your sign?” *blink* Do people even pay attention to their astrological signs any more?

Well, I know I’m a Virgo. ; ) I love celebrating my birthday in September. What is your favorite season? Autumn. Definitely. Not too hot. Not too humid. Not too cold. Like Goldilocks and the Baby Bear’s bed, it’s just right.

I agree. If you could het around in any car, which would it be? I’d love to own a 1969 Chevy Camaro Indy 500 Pace Car. I’ve loved that car since I first got my driver’s license. I have mentioned that I’m older than dirt, right? In the alternative, I’m driving a Toyota Highlander 4-wheel drive that I love like whoah! His name is Drover and his GPS system speaks with an Aussie accent. Wait? Who? Hugh Jackman you say? Naw…. *wink*

LOL I never met anyone else who named his or her cars. My first car was Lady Strange. Hugh Jackman huh? Who is your favorite actor? Considering what I just said above, you probably think I’m going to say Hugh. While he is A favorite, I’m not sure he’s THE favorite. In fact, I’m not sure I have one. Sean Connery, Sam Elliott, Liam Neeson all come to mind, too. And John Wayne. I can honestly say I’ve seen every last one of his movies.

That’s an impressive list. Who is your favorite actress? I have to go old school here, too. And I have three: Maureen O’Hara, Lauren Bacall, and Katherine Hepburn. They just don’t make ladies on screen like these anymore, at least as far as I’m concerned. There are some talented actresses these days, but those three ladies light up the screen for me.

What is a movie you could watch over and over? LAST OF THE MOHICANS with Daniel Day Lewis. Oh, be still my heart! I actually wore out the VHS version and the cassette of the soundtrack. Yay for DVDs and CDs!

LOL Okay, doll. What is your favorite alcoholic drink? *hums* “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off”* I’m a margarita girl all the way!

Margaritas it is. Who is your favorite character in your novels? This is really hard because I enjoy getting to know each and every character. But…truth be told, my favorite character is one who hasn’t seen print yet. Her book is in my agent’s hands and it’s out with an editor so I have hopes Sade (pronounced Say-dee) will make her debut sooner than later. Of course, she managed to upset everyone when she made her debutante debut, back in the day. She wore black and her escort was her foster brother, Caleb--who just happens to be a werewolf. All grown up now, Sade’s an FBI agent with some serious commitment issues.

That sounds good! What’s your typical writing day like? I write almost every day so it’s pretty boring. Coffee, breakfast, open Word .doc and start writing. If I get stuck in a scene, I’ll find Iffy’s scissors and let her play for awhile. When Iffy’s “on”, she’s the best Muse in the world. When she’s feeling ornery, she’s a pain in the patoot. I’ll write all morning, break for lunch and deal with on-line social networking, email, and visiting with friends, my CP, and my beta readers by IM. I’ll also research anything that needs it. I also break for errands. Housecleaning and laundry is reserved for those times when writer’s block is so severe I’d rather clean toilets than write!

Sounds like a full schedule. If you could have lunch with one writer, who would it be? I’ve been lucky. I’ve shared a meal or at least coffee and/or drinks with some amazing writers—Roxanne St. Claire, Allison Brennan, Karin Tabke, Jennifer Lyon, Julie Leto, Leslie Kelly, Kate Carlisle, Sharon Sala, Merline Lovelace, Gena Showalter. I’ve met Nora Roberts, though only briefly. Hrmm… Maybe Jayne Ann Krentz? She’s clever and entertaining plus she has an amazing career.

Wow. What is your favorite part of being a romance writer? Getting up, brushing my teeth, and grabbing a cup of coffee as I pass from the bedroom to the kitchen on my way to my office. Sometimes I even put on real clothes. And I get to get up and run around any time I want! (Which, considering how much coffee I drink, is a Very Good Thing™) Oh? You mean about actually writing romance? Ahhh. I love creating characters and figuring out how to complicate their lives so when they finally get their happy ever after, they’ve really had to work for it.

Least favorite? Marketing. I love meeting people and visiting and talking books, characters, and plots (mine and other authors’ books) but having to “sell” my books is hard. I’d much rather hide in my office and let the stories flow from my imagination to my keyboard—provided Iffy, my Muse, doesn’t find scissors and start running!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? Wow. It depends on the season. Summer? I want to be in the mountains somewhere. I want cool days, cold nights, and no AC. Winter? I want to be where it’s warm. I love snow if I’m looking out the window and never have to get out, but that never happens. A castle in Ireland or Scotland would be cool, if I won the lottery and could afford it. Or a little cottage on a private beach, since I’m dreaming. Since I’m not a millionaire, that’s all I can do. *grin*

Tell us about your newest release. PROMISES, PROMISES is my second entry to the Class of ’85 Reunion series. Mike Doogan first appeared in FAIRY TALES CAN COME TRUE. I liked his character so much, I decided he needed his own Happy Ever After, so I wrote PROMISES. Here’s the short blurb:

Betrayed former society wife Kelly Kincaid only wants to make things right. Paying off her ex-husband’s debt of honor is tough when a minimum-wage job back in her hometown is the only one she can find. Could the answer to her problems be right in front of her?

The moment pub owner Michael Doogan sees Summerville High School’s former golden girl at the train station, he loses his heart. Again. He’d give Kelly Kincaid the world on a platter, but the stubborn woman is intent on going her way alone. A threat to her safety provides him the incentive to stand up for what he wants, but will he have the patience to win her love?

Do you have anything in the works? I’m always working on the next project. I have two novels out on submission but no contracts in hand—which makes me a very sad writer. I have one more WIP to get drafted and then I can return to the third novel in my Tir Nan Óg trilogy. FAERIE FATE and FAERIE FIRE are the first two books. I’ll wrap it up with FAERIE FOOL, hopefully by the end of the year. My editor at Wild Rose Press is hoping FOOL is finished much sooner!

Contracts are coming, I’m sure! Where can we find you? I’m always hanging around my website, Penumbra: http://www.silverjames.com/ And you can find me on twitter where I’m @SilverJames_ (don’t forget that little _. It’s important! *grin*)


Nightingale said...

Silver, I love Last of the Mohicans. I played the soundtrack the entire time I wrote my last book, which I just finished, and the music still plays in my head. Enjoyed your post and your faerie books sound awesome.