Monday's Pick-me-up

Not sure if you've all noticed, but I've been a little hit and miss lately on this blog. My inconsistency is due to some pretty big life changes and I'm thankful I usually schedule posts a month in advance or you would have heard crickets from this site for most of the last month. Not only that, I've neglected all of your blogs too. It's my goal to jump back on the bandwagon starting today.

So without further ado, and because we could all use a Monday pick up, (and let me tell you, I'm not in to cowboys but I wouldn't turn this one down) here's your hunk.


Cari Quinn said...

We've missed you, Lynne. :) Glad to see you...and bearing gifts, too! LOL

Lynne Roberts said...

Why thank you. : ) He is rather nice, isn't he?

Helen Hardt said...

I am into cowboys, LOL, and he's a fine one!