First Dates

Recently, I ran across a website detailing what to do and not to do on a first date.

It has been a looong time since I've been on a date of any kind but it got me thinking.

Dinner and a movie is the most common first date idea, at least it's the one that first comes to mind. But if you think about it, it's not exactly conducive to getting to know someone. A mean dinner! Ack. I'm immediately tense just thinking about it. Don't order anything that may spill, drip or fly off the plate. Spaghetti is out, so is salad! Why do they make the lettuce leaves so large?

And then the movie? Yeah, sitting in the dark with your date and a hundred other people is not my idea of a good way to get to know someone. It is, however, a good way to avoid talking if the dinner conversation lagged... but perhaps that's another blog all together: When First Dates go bad. ; )

So, what's a good idea for a first date?

A picnic? This might be okay... except for the eating thing again.

Miniature golf? Now this sounds good. Even if you suck, it's fun, gives you something to do and an opportunity to talk. So as long as your date isn't uber competitive, this one is a go on my list.

Now this is the ultimate quick date... almost like a test date. I mean how long does it take to drink a cup of coffee? I suppose that depends upon how good the date is going.

Ok, so what is your idea of an ideal first date? Leave your answer and I'll pick one lucky commenter on Dec 7th to win a copy of First Date. (If you already have one, it'll make a nice gift for a loved one.)

And now for your Monday morning pick-me-up:

*ahem* sorry, speechless.


Kaily Hart said...

Lynne, I like the coffee idea. My problem would be I would be trying to figure out the guy by what he ordered. If he orders a tall, drip coffee, maybe he's cheap (or without imagination). If he orders a tall, decaf, chai latte with no foam and a twist of lemon? LOL - you get the idea. I'm really into coffee so it could be a no win situation for the guy. I have very vague memories of 'dating' but my worst was a swimming party. Yeah, just what I want - show a guy I'm trying to impress what I look like in a bathing suit up front. Probably worked great for his selection process! I can't think of a single scenario that would be ideal for me anymore. That's why I write romance. I like to torture my characters!

Anonymous said...

Um. Hey Lynne. Perfect first date? Sex. Sex. Sex.
And then some pillow talk afterward. If you don't like them then just say bye, and move on. At least you got laid.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I thought that picture of me getting out of the shower was out little secret! You're nothing but a "kiss and tell"

Cari Quinn said...

Hmm, I was going to be all creative and come up with something fun, but I think I'll go with Holly and Alex's first date from Full Disclosure. If it even counts as a "date," because it's pretty much as Jason described. LOL

Cari Quinn said...
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Emma Lai said...

What's wrong with a nice stroll through the park or an art exhibit followed by coffee? But, sex is always good! :) Not really the way to start a long term relationship though.

Lynne Roberts said...

LOL. Kaily, I'm with you! Love your examples. I won't date someone who doesn't drink coffee. Just ain't natural. ; )

Jason, shhh! Nobody knew it was you until now. Your ideal first date has it's perks. ; )

Cari, pillow talk? LOL. There wasn't a pillow in site for the first part of that date. ; )

Okay, Emma, I think you just nailed my perfect first date. (and not in the way Jason would mean it) ; )
That sounds ideal!

Thank you all! : )