When First Dates go wrong.

Come on, it was too good to pass up. I had to explore it just a little.

Have you ever had a horrible first date? Have you been tempted to use the, I have to use the restroom and then slip out the back door ploy? My sister was once on a date so horrific that’s exactly what she did.

Things to NOT do on a first date.

Do not talk about exes of any kind. This is a big warning sign.

Do not go to a remote location. While hiking or exploring may be something you love doing. Be smart. Wait until you get to know the person. Until then, stay in public.

Team Sports. And by this I mean playing the sport. Unless you are both into sports, don’t put your date on the spot by expecting him or her to play a team sport in front of people.

Do not take your date to a strip bar. I know some people who would so do this on a first date but for the majority of us, just don’t.

Don't drink too much.

Obviously all of these are conditional and depend on the people involved. Come to think of it, you probably shouldn’t have wild passionate sex in a barn on the first date either but hey, it worked for Bret and Jill. ; )

Your turn. Will you share some things you should not do on a first date? All commenters will be entered in the 11/30's contest to win a copy of First Date! Comment twice and you have a double chance of winning.

What are you waiting for?


Cari Quinn said...

A strip bar? LOL That just gave me an idea for a story...sorry, occupational hazard. ;)

Lynne Roberts said...

I LOVE IT! Anything I can do to help ; )You rock, girl.