4 Valentine's Day Gifts for Men

So... Valentines Day is coming up. This is the day we celebrate love in all it's wonderful forms. For those of you with partners, you're probably wondering what your going to get your man.

Most men, at least all the ones I know, would appreciate something more than flowers, candy or even a night out. So.. here are some ideas that might get your imaginations going.

1. Lingerie. So you won't be wearing it long, it's the thought that counts, and counts and counts. : ) Men are visual creatures and what better way to make you feel sexy.

2. A new toy. This could be within your comfort zone, or maybe right next door. Think chocolate body paint, a sexy game, or something a little more erotic. Most men don't mind their women pushing the envelope just a little.

3. Breakfast or lunch or dinner or hell, skip to dessert in bed. What could be more sensual than feeding one another? Have fun with it.

4. A surpise quickie. Does he have an office? Does the office have a bathroom with a lock? Be creative, do something unexpected. You'll make it a Valentines day he'll never forget.

What ever you decide, have a wonderful Valentines day.


Cari Quinn said...

Thanks for the incredible tips...now I just need to find the man, LOL

Catherine Bybee said...

So... what you're really saying is the four things men want is...

1.) Sex
2.) Sex
3.) Sex
4.) Sex

Got it!

Lynne Roberts said...

Cari, you and me both!

Catherine... well, men and women. ; ) But, like with writing, it's the ploting, the pacing, the setting and the dialog that makes that moment when they all come together so special.