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ACKK. Brief interruption

First, to those of you who have already read this. I'm sorry. It was a rough draft, not intended for posting. In my defense, I'm sick... and I had 2 family birthdays this week. And I'm sick. And did I mention I have 5 kids, one of which was in the ER with appendicitis? Okay, sorry, I always get a little whiny when I slip up in front of the world. And I do mean the world. There are people in Germany who read this blog. *waves*.

Anyway, this blog was supposed to post today, but I was supposed to edit it (and the one I deleted) yesterday. I didn't. My apologies.

There is some pretty good stuff here though, so.. carry on. : ) And thanks for your patience.

Real post follows:

Valentine's Day is coming up and so I thought I'd share a little information on food that just might assure you of a very happy Valentine's Day.


Yes, cheese! Start off your rendezvous with a cheese plate and your well on your way to a passion filled night! Cheese if high in zinc, which can boost your body's sex drive. Research has shown that even the smell of cheese can increase the male libido (increasing penile blood flow by 5 percent) Better yet, come up with some creative ways to feed each another.

Pomegranate juice

Has been proven to increase oxytoxin, the feel good hormone, as well as testosterone and estrogen levels, but enough of the technical jargon. Fix a cocktail with pomegranate juice, take turns feeding the juicy pomegranate seed to each other. Be creative.


Love sushi? So does your libido! And of course, presentation is everything. Think Samantha from the Sex and the City movie. What man could reduce dining in?

Yes, I know it's a cliche, that's because it really works! Another great source of zinc, this little critter will add zing to your after dinner entertainment.


I bet you think I'm going to say zinc again, don't you? Nope. Caviar is rich in magnesium and magnesium balances your sex hormone levels, increases your sexual stamina and your skin's sensitivity. Win. Win. Win.


Wine is the ultimate romantic drink, it also boosts the sex drive. Alcohol contains estradiol which has been linked to increased libido in women. Drink responsibly though, too much Alcohol depresses the nervous system and therefor, the sex drive.


Yes, there is a God. A study has recently proven that women who drink coffee have stronger sex drive than women who don't. Um, duh!

So don't skip the after dinner caffeine. Not only will it give you some energy, well, you know.


We all know that chocolate just makes you feel better, a lesser known fact is that Montezuma drank 50 cups of chocolate every day in order keep up with the 600 women in his harem.

600 women. Yup, give your man some chocolate, better yet, share it over coffee. I bet you can think of a way to work off the calories.


Before I even start, I'm editing myself. ; ) Honey contains a substance called boron which helps your body metabolize estrogen and boosts testosterone levels. And let's face it, honey is sticky, wonderful, yummy fun! Drizzle away and enjoy your Valentines Day!


Cecile said...

Okay printed the list and will stick to hubby forehead, lmbo!!!!
This was a very enlighten post! I learned a few things! Hope you have a great weekend!

J.A. Saare said...

I love sushi!! Need to drag the hubs out to get some this weekend. ;-)


Lynne Roberts said...

Cecile, thanks for stopping by! I hope you and your hubby have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Hi Jamie, you know sushi is one of those things I just never developed a taste for. I'll take the chocolate and the coffee. ; )

Cari Quinn said...

Another great list! I haven't tried everything on it, but I'm with you. Give me the coffee and chocolate. ;)