Interview with Lia Slater

Today I have the privilege of hosting the talented Lia Slater on my blog. Lia is celebrating her newest release: Off Limits. Grab a cup of coffee, you’re in for a treat.

How would you describe your writing style?

I like to think I write in deep point of view. I really try to drill into my characters’ heads and get to the bottom of things. Why are they the way they are and how is that going to affect them during the story? And how is the reader going to see them? If I can’t connect with them, then the reader won’t either.

I completely agree, if I don’t feel an emotional connect, I don’t expect my reader to. What inspired you to start writing?

Oh, just voices in my head that wouldn’t shut up. Seriously, I always had stories running through my mind and one day I decided to put one of them to paper. After that, I was hooked for life.

That’s funny, I was just attempting to explain to someone what it’s like to be a writer and I ended up saying it’s a bit like being insane. How did your friends/relatives react when you told them you wanted to be a writer?

They were happy for me. Of course, none of them are romance readers, but I’m hoping to convert them.

Good Luck. My family and friends aren’t big romance readers either. Most of them prefer horror. I don’t think I could sleep at night if I wrote that genre. What kind of goals to you set for yourself when writing? Word count? Page count?

I set outrageous, overwhelming word count goals that totally stress me out. I’m not kidding. It’s March and I’m WAY behind. Better get to work! I’m cracking my own whip.

Yes, get to work, we want more Lia Slater stories. Tell us about your newest release.

Off Limits is a “Cougar Club” Scarlet Rosette available from I fell in love with Austin and Kara (my hero and heroine) while writing this short story. They seemed to write the story themselves. And you know it’s a good sign when that happens.

Here is a blurb from Off Limits.

How does a woman who usually follows the straight and narrow end up handcuffed to a chair by her ex-husband’s younger brother, a wickedly delicious man who just happens to be a cop? And the star of her most forbidden fantasies. Kara Reynolds has spent the past thirty-eight years being a good girl, but there’s something about Austin that makes her want to be really bad. Now, she’s caught in a situation that could either humiliate her...or set her free.

I loved Off Limits. Do you have anything in the works?

Yes. I’m currently writing the third book in the Were Legends series. The first book, WereSlave, is available now from Ellora’s Cave. The second book, Were Seduction, is coming soon. I like to think of these as erotic fairytales. In a faraway land anything can happen. Especially if there are werewolves, witches and vampires involved.

So true! Who is your favorite character in your novels?

I always love the characters who are wreaking havoc in my mind at the moment. Right now those characters are Worth and Blanca from my third Were book. Love, love, love them!

If you could have lunch with one writer, who would it be?

Well, you, Lynne, of course. LOL! I’d love to meet and have lunch with all the authors I’ve gotten to know over the Net. I think that would be a blast.

Ah, that does sound fun, Lia. I’d love to have a huge party and invite all my Internet friends. We’d have to wear badges with our book covers or avatars so we’d know who was who. Where can we find you?

A couple of places:,,, and

Okay now for something a little more personal. Have you ever had a one-night stand?

Since I’m an erotic romance writer, I’d love to embellish and say YES! But, no, I haven’t. You can start yawning now. I’m more of a long-term kind of girl. Once you’ve got me, you’re stuck.

What is the best pick-up line someone has ever tried on you? Did it work?

I used to go out dancing quite a bit in my early twenties so a rush of cheesy lines just stumbled through my mind. LOL! The best? I don’t know. I met my husband in a bar back then and he did and said everything wrong including mispronounce my name. But he was so damn cute, I couldn’t resist. And he was a great kisser! I was hooked.

Oh, that’s sweet. What is your favorite thing to eat?

I’m on a diet right now so I’m trying not to think about greasy, cheesy, fried Mexican food. Sorry, gotta go wipe the drool from my mouth.

I need to get on that diet too! What is your favorite the of day?
Midday. It’s when my brain is at its peak.

What is your favorite season?

I love fall here in Colorado. The colors are breathtaking. Although we did seem to skip right over last fall and head right into winter. Not fun.

I love fall too, although right now, I’m enjoying spring! What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?

I’m addicted to Diet Coke/Pepsi.

What is your favorite alcoholic drink?

Wine! Red wine for the most part. Right now I’m into Pinot Noir and Cab.
That’s it, we’re definitely having lunch. I love red wine. My favorite is Rioja, a Spanish wine that is very hard to find in California.

Thank you so much for sharing a little about yourself with us! And now to wet your whistle, here is an Off Limits excerpt:

Austin peeled open the top button to her jeans and unzipped. The zip seemed to echo throughout the generous living room. The only other sounds were her ragged breath and her pulse beating at her temples.

He slipped his fingers in the sides of her jeans. “Lift your ass, Kara. I’m going to make you forget all your worries.”

Holy shit. Like a robot obeying a command, she lifted her bottom, and he slid her jeans and panties down in one swoop, easily taking off her ankle socks and tennies in the process.

She shivered as the room-temperature air breezed against her skin. Exposed. She was exposed. And sitting on a hard chair in her ex-husband’s home. This was so unlike her.

What was she thinking?

Hell, she was thinking Austin was going to make her forget all her worries. She believed him. She trusted him. Like no other person in her life, she needed him.

“Ah, sugar.” His sultry green gaze swept over her, from her bare breasts, to the triangle of black hair covering her mound, to her rose painted toes.

She shook with both need and anxiety.

Finally, he met her eyes. “You’ve just shattered every fantasy I’ve ever had about you into a million pieces.”

“Is it that bad?” She wasn’t sure whether to be surprised that he’d fantasized about her or horrified that she’d mangled the fantasies.

“No, Kara.” He caressed her cheek and kissed her lips sweetly. “You’re that good. Don’t you know?”


Cecile said...

Awesome interview ladies!
Thanks for introducing me to a new to me author!

Have a great day!

Lia Slater said...

Hi Lynne! Thanks so much for having me on today. We're on for a lunch date. Hopefully we can meet up at a conference some time.

Hi Cecile! Nice to meet you!

J.A. Saare said...

Great Interview, Lynne and Lia.

I loved Off Limits, btw! So hot and sexy, yet emotional and captivating.

Have a great weekend!


Lia Slater said...

Hi Jaime! Thanks so much. You're going to have to join us for lunch too. :-)

Lynne Roberts said...

You're welcome, Cecile! Lia is awesome.

Lia, it was my pleasure! I'm trying to work things out to go to Tennesse this year, we'll see, but I think it would be fun to meet in person. : )

Jaime, you must join us. thing of all the trouble, er, fun we could have.

Amber Skyze said...

Great interview Lia! Congrats on the new release.

Mary Ricksen said...

I can't wait to read Off Limits. Great blog!!

Lia Slater said...

Not sure if I'll be able to go to RWA this year, but I really want to. It would be so fun to put names with faces.

Hi Amber and Mary! Always good to see you two. Thanks!

Cari Quinn said...

Hi Lia and Lynne! *waves*

Excellent interview...I'd definitely want to go for coffee with you ladies. ;) Off Limits is an incredible read...can't wait for more stories from Lia!

Lynne Roberts said...

Hi Lia,

Not sure I can go either, but I'm hoping. : )

Cari, coffee is a must. If I'm in your neck of the woods, I'm stopping by. ; )

Mary and Amber, Thank you so much for stopping by. Lia is awesome and Off Limits is a book worth reading!


Lia Slater said...

Hi Cari! I so hope we can all meet some day soon. I love chatting with like-minded folks.

Lynne, thanks again for having me. I had a blast!