Off Limits by Lia Slater

With a cover this hot, the inside of the book has a lot to live up to and Lia Slater did not disappoint. Off Limits reaches out and captures you from the first scene.

Not only are Austin and Kara interesting, well-rounded characters, Lia Slater structures the story in such a way the reader has a very real sense of their past, and future.

Off Limits is not only a cougar story--and you know I love those--it's a tale of forbidden love that Lia manages to make both tender and hot as hell.

To find out a bit more about Lia Slater, visit her blog or come back on Friday! She's in my hot seat.

For your reading enjoyment, here's a blurb of Off Limits:

How does a woman who usually follows the straight and narrow end up handcuffed to a chair by her ex-husband’s younger brother, a wickedly delicious man who just happens to be a cop? And the star of her most forbidden fantasies. Kara Reynolds has spent the past thirty-eight years being a good girl, but there’s something about Austin that makes her want to be really bad. Now, she’s caught in a situation that could either humiliate her...or set her free.


Becca Simone said...

That cover is smokin' hot! This is definitely going into my TBR pile.

Lia Slater said...

Aw, Lynne, thank you so so so much. You've made my day, that's for sure.

Lynne Roberts said...

Becca, isn't it? When I saw it I knew I had to read it. : )

Lia, you're welcome. : ) I really enjoyed this book.

Cari Quinn said...

Love, love, love this cover and the story within is just as good! Looking forward to Lia being here on Friday. :)

April Vine said...

Love the cover, looking forward to what's between it :)