Monday's Pick-me-up and a question

A few weeks ago, I installed Cluster maps on my blog. I think it was JA Saare who had one on her blog and I thought it was so cool I copied her. Hey, Jaime, its the highest compliment, right? : )

Once the thing started working, I was shocked to find out I have readers in South America, Africa, England, Germany and New Zealand. I mean wow!

I've gone international. : )

So, please, don't be shy, I'm dying of curiosity here: Dear International readers, how did you hear of my blog? Drop by and say hello! (Or bonjour, salud, hola) Algo usted querrĂ­a. (no, that's pretty much the extent of my Spanish)

And without further ado, here is your Monday Pick-Me-Up and uh, he could really pick you up.


Cecile said...

I am with you on that one too - the cluster map is awesome! I have one too and wonder how on earth did these people here about little ole me!
But I am from Louisiana, so I will say, "Howyadoing?" lol!

And as far as your pick me upper.. OH yea, he can for sure pick me up! Right after I pass out from his hottness, lol!!
Have a great day honey!

Shelly said...

Well happy monday!!!

Thanks for the pick me up!

Helen Hardt said...


Lynne Roberts said...

Hi Cecile, Shelly and Helen! Thanks for dropping by. Yup, he's hot. ; ) Have you ever noticed a great percentage of firemen are hot? No pun intended.

Cecile, if you pass out, I'm sure he'll catch you, and what a nice way to wake up. : )

Kaily Hart said...

Lynne, thanks for the pic. My new novella is about a firefighter. OMG, your picture is exactly how I imagined him. His name's Rio and well, he's HOT.

I also have that thingy on my site. It floored me to see who visits my blog and where they're from (and I don't have anything published yet)!

Lynne Roberts said...

It is interesting, isn't it?

Good luck on your new novella with the hunky firefighter!