Coming Soon from The Wilder Rose Press

Emerald Ecstasy by Lara Dien will be released on April 16th. 2010. Oh you know how I love a hero in a kilt. : )


Tansy Robertson is in Ireland hunting ghosts—and a fortune—in a haunted castle when her childhood crush Charlie McCullough strides into the foyer, looking sexy and dangerous as ever in a kilt. Her worries of how to keep warm in a drafty castle are cast aside as he tutors her in more than Irish folklore. But when time runs out and an ocean threatens to separate them once again, can the memories of Emerald Ecstasy be enough?


“May I help you?”

Tansy turned. There stood one of the most gorgeous men she’d ever seen. Wearing a kilt in a red plaid she recognized as her family’s, he looked much better in it than any of her male relatives ever had. Tansy’s brain promptly short-circuited. She couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think, could only look. And it was all she could do to drag her eyes away from muscular legs to the rest of him. Longish, dark brown hair, cobalt blue eyes, a sinful mouth.

His broad shoulders and chest weren’t the least concealed by the white open-necked shirt he wore. Dark hair peeked from the neck opening, and her fingers itched to dive in, to explore the contrast between linen shirt and solid male, to see whether the dark curls were soft or crisp, to...did Irishmen wear anything under their kilts? Or was that a Scottish thing? His hands looked strong and capable, and big enough that they could cup a breast and... Her eyes went back up to his face. He was staring at her with undisguised interest, not to mention a bit of amusement. He couldn’t possibly know what she’d been thinking, could he?

“Do I pass?”

Tansy ran her tongue over her suddenly dry lips, and didn’t miss it when his gaze dropped like a rock to her mouth. Suddenly the sweater she wore was too warm.

“Umm. Sorry, I just...” There was nothing she could say that would make her look less of an idiot. Are you wearing anything under that kilt? She started again. “I wanted to find out when the tour would be over. I thought he,” she jerked a thumb behind her in the general direction of Mr. Tweed, “would know how long it takes.”

“He wouldn’t. To my knowledge he’s never been here before.”

“Oh. Well, in that case...” Tansy turned to go before she said something she really wanted to say and would be really embarrassed by. Like, are you wearing anything under that kilt. Serious one-track-mind problem here. She was stopped by a large, very warm hand landing on her shoulder, sending a delicious tingle down her arm. Her back. Her breasts.

“I, however, know this castle...intimately.”