Five Fun Facts

Here are five fun--okay, maybe interesting--facts about After Hours

Five fun facts about After Hours

1. Before I have a name for a character, sometimes I call them he or she. I was almost ready to submit After Hours but still didn’t have a name for the female main character so I switched all the she’s to Elle, which is she in French.

2. After Hours was originally titled Overtime.

3. Elle is in accounting because that was my day job before I started writing full time. I’ve actually tabulated those gas receipts, folks.

4. After Hours contains my first ever male masturbation scene. Via email, my editor suggested I insert a masterbation scene to spice things up a bit. I stressed for about a week, interviewed a male friend and well... Um... how did I do?

5. The dialog between Elle and David at the Christmas party was one of those moments when the characters take the bit and run with it. But boy did I have fight for that Christmas tie afterward.


Cecile said...

I do love these facts...
Being a bookkeeper, I loved the story even more... but I think you knew that already, lol!

Have a great weekend!

Lynne Roberts said...

Thank you Cecile!

Number nerds who love romance unite! : ) I hope you have a great weekend too!

Cari Quinn said...

Loved these fun facts, Lynne. AH is a great story. And you have my sympathies about tabulating gas receipts... ;/