Friday Five Fun Facts

Five fun facts about First Date

1. First Date was my first attempt at erotic romance, at romance period.

2. Bret’s care was originally a Miata but one of my male friends argued strenuously against it. He suggested the Mustang GTO.

3. I see Mustang GTO’s everywhere now!

4. Jill was named inadvertently after a friend of mine that is completely unaware of that fact. She’d sent me a twitter message as I was trying to figure out a name for my heroine and it just stuck.

5. The house Jill takes Bret to see is my dream house.


Cari Quinn said...

Great facts! I love cars but I'm not sure I could pick either a Miata or Mustang GTO out of a lineup. Means I need to do more looking around, I think. ;)

Kaily Hart said...

I love hearing these kinds of details about stories I've read. First Date was the first romance you'd ever written? Kick me. What a first 'attempt' that was! It's funny how we get our names. I already jot down names I see or hear that appeal and have a whole word document with them in it. I always have a fall back if I can't think of anything and you know it when you come across it. It just feels right. Cars? I have absolutely no clue LOL.