Monday's Pick-me-up

Let me be honest right up front. I stole this. I don't remember from which blog, I only remember that I saw it, drooled, and copied it... for research purposes.

For those of you who don't know, this is Sayid Jarrah, a character on LOST played by Naveen Andrews.

The thing is, after I drooled on this for a bit, the next night, I dreamt about him... as a character... in a story. *HUGE GINORMOUS GRIN*

Not sure if I'll ever write this story but I might use it as a spring board for another story. One of my favorite parts of being a writer are those dreams that have you racing to the computer or the nearest piece of paper in the morning.

I thought it only fair to share with all of you.

Happy dreaming.


Cecile said...

I don't look at it like stealing... we all borrow for "research" purposes, lol!!!! I share mine, lol... well some I share!! =)

Hope all has been well my friend!!!
Have a great day!

Lynne Roberts said...

Thank you, Cecile. The way I figure it, eye candy was meant to be shared. ; )

Right back atcha!

Cari Quinn said...

Yum! And I agree, eye candy is a treat meant to be passed among appreciative friends. ;D I love that you got a possible story idea from this picture!

Harris Channing said...

Did someone tell you sweet dreams and you said, okay?


Lynne Roberts said...

Cari, the best part? No calories! ; )

Hi Harris, thank you for stopping by! Unfortunately no, but I had them anyway, so it turned out in the end.