It’s no secret that I’ve been a Jennifer Leeland fan since I first ‘picked up’ one of her books. I am delighted to say that each one I’ve read since has gotten better.

THE TRUST SHE YIELDS is a BDSM love story about Lee Sidle, a submissive who has been abused and since walked away from the lifestyle, and David Peters, the dom of all doms and the leader of the BDSM community. David is an old favorite from previous books and we get to see a few other beloved characters as well. The love story is at times hotter than you can handle but also heart-warming and tender. Can David control his lust long enough to heal the damage from Lee’s past? You will be rooting for a happy ever after.

Jennifer has done her research. She handles the BDSM lifestyle with respect and accuracy.

THE TRUST SHE YIELDS can be purchased at The Wilder Rose Press and check out Jennifer’s website and blog for more of her wonderful stories.


J.A. Saare said...

Hey Lynne!

I loved The Trust She Yeilds!! Just wanted to drop by and say hello!


Lynne Roberts said...


Thanks for stopping by. LOL Jen knows her stuff. ; )

Julia Smith said...

Noticed your own review - The Trust She Yields was definitely my favorite of the trio.

Jennifer Leeland said...

Wow! Thank you so much, Lynne! This has been my favorite book of the trio so far. I'm so glad you liked David's story.
I always worry that I'll handle the power exchange in the lifestyle correctly, with respect. It's nice to know I did it well with this one.
Thank you.