Monday's Pick-me-up

You might recognize him as the header to my last blog. Ahem, there was a reason for that. ; )

Okay, it's my birthday tomorrow and so, I'll ask you to send me any links you might have to pictures of hot men for my Monday-Pick-me-up.I promise, you will be mentioned in the post. : )




Cari Quinn said...

Pictures have been emailed...Henri Castelli is my favorite guy from way back. ;) Enjoy your birthday!

Lynne Roberts said...

Thank you, Cari.

I can see why he's your favorite. Those eyes... *fans self*

You've already helped me enjoy my birthday.



Catherine Bybee said...

Lovely... And have a wonderful b-day, Lynne.

Lynne Roberts said...

Thank you so much Catherine. It was a wonderful day.