Coming Soon

Yesterday my editor graciously let me know that FIRST DATE is on The Wilder Rose Press's Coming Soon page. It took a full minute for me to digest the words before I clicked to the site and There. It. Was.

FIRST DATE by Lynne Roberts <---- that's me!

From the acceptance letter, to signing the contract, to receiving my first edits, I've traveled further into the world of "I can't believe it's actually happening to me."

If you haven't guessed already, this is my first published work, but I've been writing in various genres for years. This seems unreal... but it's not. *sqeeee* (did you really think I'd get through this whole blog post without one tiny squee?)

Please, go check out the blurb and let me know what you think. : )




Mary Ricksen said...

Good luck Lynne. Be careful not to let the shock stop you from enjoying the moment!

Becca Simone said...

You've earned the right to "squee" as much and as loudly as you like. Congrats. This is very exciting.


Lynne Roberts said...


Thank you. Shock aside, I am enjoying the moment. LOL. In fact I'm trying not to give way to the 'what if it doesn't sell' portion of the program. ; )


Thank you so much! I have been squeeing all over Twitter. : ) Congratulations again on MIDNIGHT TREAT! It sounds yummy!

Catherine Bybee said...

Every step is soooo exciting. I jumped and down like a geek when I saw my name on the site the first time. I'm such a nerd!

H.C. Zuerner said...

This is the Kitty doing the happy dance for you!

Cari Quinn said...

Lynne, it sounds awesome! I can't wait to read it!

Oh, and I think it's great that we're going through debut TWRP release jitters at the same time, though I don't have a release date for Full Disclosure yet. :)

Lynne Roberts said...


You're no more a nerd than I am... but then that's not saying much. Yup. I jumped. ; )


Ohhh I love kitty dances. ; ) Thank you!


Thank you. I don't have a release date either. Maybe First Date and Full Disclosure will be released around the same time and we can take turns compulsively checking the site. ; )

Cassandra said...

Congrats, Lynne! ((hugs))

Stop back by the Midnight Moon Cafe
if you get the chance. ;-)

You commented and won something. ((hugs))


Lynne Roberts said...

Cassandra, I did?

Yay. Thank you! : )