Today, is the anniversary of a terrorist attack on our country. Americans died on American soil. The horror of that still brings tears to my eyes. My sister woke me up that morning with a phone call. "We're under attack, turn on your television. We're under attack." I didn't quite believe her even as I saw the images myself. I couldn't quite take it in, even as I couldn't tear my eyes away from the television.

That gut-wrenching feeling of stunned horror will be with me forever but that's not what I'd like to write about today. I'd like to write talk about 9/12. On September 12, America woke up united. On that day there we were still in shock, but we were pissed and we weren't going to take it lying down. We flew our flags, suddenly remembering what they represented. We looked at our neighbors in a new light: countryman. All of those things we took for granted, life, libery, the pursuit of happiness, they became more precious because we knew somebody wanted to take them away.

On that day, we were American's first, no hypens, no politics: Americans and damn it, we were strong.

It should not take a tragedy to remind us that what we have in this country is precious, that millions around the world would fight and die to have it and millions more would fight and die to end it.

I am not advocating war or 'actions' as they seemed to be called now, but I am attempting to remind you of that feeling of unity, of pride in our country and the fragility of it.

I'd love for you to share where you were during 9/11.