Dear September:

You and I go way back, a mean waaay back. You were the first month I saw upon opening my eyes. But this year I have a bone to pick with you. No, it's not that whole 4.0. thing, I've kinda (more or less) made my peace with that.

It's bad enough we started out with a pinched nerve, I mean, okay, I had a ms to finish and brand new sparkly edits to attend to but okay, I'll spend the first week in a muscle-relaxer haze. We had plenty of time.

And then over Labor day weekend, just as the pain was receding enough for me to sit at the computer, the cold hit. I was still cool with it, even though I was sweating with fever, I mean these things happen.

But dude, now that the virus has moved to my lungs and the coughing aggravated the whole back spasm, pinched nerve thing, I just gotta cry foul. We're buds, what's up? I have a book to edit, kids, housework, blogs to write, blogs to read...

A. Book. To. Edit! Which I can not do in a drugged state! I've been working toward this for years, I do not need these kind of obstacles.

I've been patient, but how about cutting me a break?

K? Thanks,



Crystal Posey said...

Seems like everyone has something going on at the moment. Winter is coming, that's for sure.

Julia Smith said...

'how about cutting me a break?

K? Thanks,